John Lennon former home in Los Angeles, California goes for sale
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John Lennon former home in Los Angeles, California goes for sale

John Lennon former home in Los Angeles, California goes for sale

Apart from his music if anything continues to rake up fond memories of John Lennon, then it’s the auctions. Flipping through the pages of history, Lennon, it appears, is one of the most sought after celebrity names in auction circles. Items from the music maestro’s personal collection go beyond the usual notion of celebrity auctioned items, so much so that they have actually found place in our top 5 bizarre celebrity collectible list. From limited edition 70th anniversary John Lennon guitars to nude photos of Lennon and Ono to a piece of tooth even- Any item tagged with the name John Lennon has the capacity to rake in moolah. Following closely on the heels of its predecessors, another Lennon delight, this time a sprawling five bedroom house, is up for grabs.

John Lennon former home in Los Angeles, California goes for sale

Located in a celebrity packed neighborhood, the house, needless to point out, comes with a hefty price tag- $4,500,000. It entered listings on March 24th this year and has generated considerable interest since then.

The house  comes with a hefty price tag- $4,500,000

A fine specimen of architectural brilliance from the 1960s, the villa is an ultimate luxury den complete with a great room, four baths, a master suite, a step-down living room cum dining area. Additional features include a bath with steam shower, a kitchen with custom cabinets, center island, marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances. If the villa can look this meaty inside, then on the exterior it promises to be as dazzling, if not less. A sprawling 13,295-square-foot land, the garden includes a fountained pool, a grassy yard, a private walking path, all overlooking the city. And now for the most interesting part- Lennon came home to the villa for sometime during the mid-1970s. This, however, is not the first instance where the villa has gone on market. Records suggest that, John Lennon’s plush Hollywood hills property was unloaded in 2006 for a whopping $4,950,000.

A fine specimen of architectural brilliance from the 1960s

Talking of celebrity homes going under the hammer, the season has remained packed with such news off late. Elizabeth Taylor’s Bel-Air home is a case in point. The 7,000 square foot house, of which the screen diva once said “it has a magical quality”, is on the market. Celine Dion unloaded her island property off the coast of Montreal a few weeks back. Lennon’s property is, therefore, the latest to join the bandwagon. And if you wish to know more about celebrity homes going on sale then do check our top 10 celebrity home for sale list.

News of John Lennon’s house going on sale comes months after Government announced their decision to preserve, Paul McCartney and Lennon’s childhood homes. Both the homes will be granted grade 2 listing. Under this arrangement, they cannot be modified without due permission from Government authorities.

Packed with modern amenties

As pointed out already, Lennon’s home in Hollywood hills is surrounded by celebrity neighbors. However, a majority of them, it appears, have gone on a selling spree and unloaded their properties at some point or the other in the past. The list nonetheless includes names like Courtney Cox, Megan Mullally, Tobey Maguire, Keanu Reaves and Simon Fuller and Rachael Zoe. With John Lennon’s property all set for a handover, we are not sure whether the place can still be called a celebrity neighborhood per se. It, no doubt, carries the legacy.

The villa is located in the glamorous Hollywood Hills neighborhood

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