The Fonderie 47 Cufflinks made from AK-47 and Gold
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The Fonderie 47 Cufflinks made from AK-47 and Gold

The Fonderie 47 Cufflinks made from AK-47 and Gold

John Zapolski: Healing Africa With Cuff Links Made From AK-47

With things like Gucci Diamond Belt and Zaffiro shaving razor men’s dec 8, 2013 - buy estrace online now estrace or estradiol is a certain female sex hormone which is produced by the ovaries, a form. accessories are getting flashy day by day. Recently, the designer Roland Iten, known for his mechanical luxury belt buckles, has designed one of the world’s most expensive cufflinks made from the metal of AK-47 assault rifle.

These limited edition cufflinks are produced in a limited edition of 20 only, and are made using the same mechanics used in Swiss watches. Made from 18 karat white and rose gold, these cufflinks also consists of metals extracted from AK-47 assault rifles. The designer intends to launch many other items made from the same metal. The reason behind picking these metals is that it is acquired from one of the most robust machine guns in the world. The designer, Roland Iten believes that the mechanical design will add a new dimension to designing fashionable accessories.

Cuff Links Made From AK-47

Fonderie 47, founded by John Zapolski and Peter Thum, are now planning to create more stuff made from the metals of AK 47. cheapest prices pharmacy. zoloft 50 mg street price . top offering, generic zoloft target. get Diflucan On an occasion, Zapolski commented:

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The company claims sale of one pair purchase Indocin online of cufflinks is sufficient to support the purchase and demolition of 100 assault rifles in Africa. These limited edition cufflinks will be retailed at $32,630 and would be one of the most expensive creative pairs of cufflinks available in the world.

Roland Iten is known for some of the marvelous designs of belt

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The creator of these cufflinks, Roland Iten, is known for some of the marvelous designs of belt buckles like R81 spring-loaded mechanical belt buckle collection, Roland Iten’s Bugatti edition mechanical buckle and Roland Iten’s solid gold buckles. So, if you have a thing for geeky fashion, then a traditional pair of cufflinks just won't cut it for you, only if you can afford to spend $30 grands for a pair of cufflinks.

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