Johnnie Walker’s Diamond Jubilee whisky on sale in Singapore
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Johnnie Walker’s Diamond Jubilee whisky on sale in Singapore

Johnnie Walker’s Diamond Jubilee whisky on sale in Singapore
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Research has now shown that Singapore as a city-state now has the highest concentration of millionaires in the world. This would translate into higher spending by consumers, even on luxury products, which in turn translates into an opportune environment where the limited edition bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky, even with the higher price tag, can be sold easily. Currently, there are 84 items within the country which are worth a minimum of $1million each, and will meet a similar fate as the bottle of the Johnnie Walker. It only means more stiff competition amongst the top-brass of consumers who aren’t shying away from spending the extra money. Also, these buyers are from Asian countries which were earlier considered to be not acclimatized to this kind of consumer behavior. However, the Diamond Jubilee bottle we speak of here is truly a piece of novel art than just potable alcohol. With 60 craftsmen involved with creating the bottle alone, one can gauge the effort that has gone into each of them. The diamond shaped decanter, and the 6-legged stand along with it make more a pretty sight indeed.

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