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Jose Cuervo’s artisitc tequila bottle: A tribute to ten generations of tequila making

Andrea Divirgilio / August 5, 2011

Reserva De la Familia Tequila

Alcoholic beverages have not only been known for their distinct flavorings, but also for the elaborate packaging they come in. We some evidence of that in our coverage of the Most expensive bottle of Tequila, called the Altamirano Diamond Sterling bottle which was valued at $3.5 million apiece, and focused on the novelty value of the bottle. Jose Cuervo which has been known to have a long family tradition of producing the finest of Tequilas, has introduced the Reserva De Familia limited edition bottle which pays tribute to 10 generations of family traditions.

The bottle is question has been designed by artist Jeronimo Ramirez, commonly called as Dr. Lakra in his circles who has displayed the Mexican culture of creative and vibrant graphic art, which the company is known to promote extensively over the years, featuring them on their limited edition bottles. The concerned bottle has tequila made from 100% pure blue agave grown in Cuervo region of Mexico, and has a multi faceted flavor of the exclusive agave, floral, vanilla and nuts with a full but mellow taste. The beverage has been preserved in American and French oak barrels which further bring in a unique texture to the Tequila.

The packaging, which we notice as being elaborate, is a lot of work unto itself. Each bottle has been assembled by hand and individually dated, before being dipped in wax and finally packaged in boxes made by carving them out of wood, and decorated on the outside by Dr. Larka’s artwork. Priced at $125 a piece, it might not be the most expensive, but will be a true collector’s item for the packaging, elaborate family history and the distinct flavorings of the Tequila. So come December 2011, and stores in the United States shall have the bottles on their shelves.

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