Juan Latino’s rare manuscript up for auction at Swann Galleries’ event in New York

Andrea Divirgilio / March 11, 2013

The noted author in Latin, belonging to the 16th century, Juan Latino was found as a slave boy near the coast of Guinea gained much notary during his lifetime for his grasp on the ancient language. Originally named Juan de Sessa, the author went from strength to strength during his career as an author, and even was offered the chair at the University of Grenada at the later part of his career. One of his rare manuscripts, titled ‘Ad Catolicum’ (as its very long Latin title begins,) is stated to go on sale at event by Swann Galleries’ event, which will have other noted rare works go under the hammer. The estimated price for this rare manuscript is stated to be in the region of $40,000-60,000.

The Juan Latino Manuscript

The auction event will be focusing on ‘Printed and Manuscript African American works’ amongst which this rare manuscript is a part of. This book happens to be the first edition of the 2nd book by Juan Latino, stands as a rarity in those times when the slaves such as the author himself were not seen in the European circles very often. He married a white lady, with whom he had Mulato children, and also taught in the circles of European nobility.

Juan Latino became an accepted member of the literati of Granada, and even sat with the famed “Cuadra Dorada,”or Golden Stable as it was called. He was the centre of much attention and held in high regard in official matters with the churchmen and scholars alike. This book, of which only two other copies are recorded, and two earlier works of which three copies and one copy respectively are known.

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