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Net Worth $ 30 Million
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Born on: 29th Dec 72 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Actor, producer, director
Jude Law is a famous British actor, film director as well as a well-known producer. He started his acting career with the National Youth Music Theatre thereafter made his first television appearance in the year1989. He has acted in some Hollywood movies being directed by famous directors such as Clint Eastwood, Andrew Niccol and David Cronnberg .His first big recognition came when he was nominated for the Oscars for the supporting role in his movie The Talented Mr. Ripley as Anthony Mingehalla”s. He has also won the prestigious BAFTA award in the year 2000.In the year 2003 he was again being acknowledged by the Academy Awards in the best actor’s category for his performance in the film Cold Mountain. He has also been honored by the French Government by giving him the title of Honorary Cesar. He has also been the member of the jury in the year 20011 at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.   Jude Law is a wealthy man due to the success he has enjoyed in his movies. His earnings have shown a steady upward trend since 1998. He used to charge less than a million USD per movie during the nineties. This shot up drastically to the 10 million USD mark per movie with movies like Cold Mountain & Closer. He also has landed lucrative endorsement deals with Dior & Dunhill. He is estimated to be worth around 35 million USD now.   Jude Law leads a very luxurious lifestyle due to the success he has enjoyed in his life. He drives around in an Audi R8. He owns a £8 million house in the heart of London. He also owns a luxury home in Malibu, California. He flies around the world in hired private jets. He is involved in a lot of charitable activates & has sponsored the reconstruction of a theatre. He has raised funds for UNICEF. He has supported cancer related charities & has worked in poverty alleviation programs. He speaks of the need to arrest man made climate change.   Law was born in south London and is the second child of school teachers Margaret Anne and Peter Robert law .He has an elder sister Natasha .He has been married once with fellow actress Sadie Frost. They got married on September1997 but unfortunately their union was short lived and they got divorced on October 2003 .He has three children from this marriage .In 2003 he started dating co- star Sienna Miller and became engaged in December 2004 on Christmas eve but later broke off in November 2006. In 2009 it came out that he would again be a father again to the child of model Samantha Burke with whom he had a brief relationship.in 2009.It was rumored the he and Miller had given their relationship a second chance when they got together in September 2009 but unfortunately broke up in 2011 due to claims that he was having an affair with his children’s nanny.
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Jude Law Estates and Homes (1)

London home

The lavish home is located in the posh Highgate neighborhood in London

The celebrity couple of Jude Law and Siena Miller seemed to have found their perfect abode when they zeroed in on the £8 million north London home located in one of the city’s most posh Highgate neighborhood. It’s estimated that the couple paid the asking price keeping in mind the Grade II listed posh Highgate neighborhood including Law’s ex-wife Sadie Frost.The Georgian front seems to be Siena Miller’s choice as she previously owned a two-bedroom Georgian mews house in near West London but sold it in order to renew her relationship with ex Jude Law.

Location: The lavish home is located in the posh Highgate neighborhood in London, U.K.

Accommodation: The house has seven spacious bedrooms including 5.5-bath homes. The double-fronted Georgian house was essentially built in the 1820s and has been exquisitely refurbished and customized for the couple. The house has been modified keeping a perfect synergy between the traditional architecture brilliance and the modern interiors. It comprises of a huge walled garden including a couple of kitchens and an art studio. It has a wonderful roof terrace overlooking the gardened walls with a large patio.

Features: Inside the house their is a playroom, a drawing room, and a state of the art gym. The house also has an off-street parking space for four cars and a host of rooms for the couple’s children. The pricey house also boasts of having an exceptionally wide backyard with large grass patches ensuring ample privacy and security from any trespassers.

Jude Law Autos and Cars (4)

Audi A8

Jude Law drives Audi A8

The Audi A8 is a posh sedan from the house of the German automobile giants Audi. The A8 is designed on the innovative ASF – Audi Space Frame – technology, which gives the car an aluminum chassis instead of a steel frame. The car has an all wheel drive system, with the option of a front two wheel drive technology. This car is increasingly being used by celebrities who want to manage their finances. Jude Law seems to be working out his finances just right as he owns an Audi A8 car, which being priced at $85,000 is not a very fancy car.

Mercedes CLK

Jude Law drives Mercedes CLK

The Mercedes CLK is a two door, mid engine, rear wheel drive, mid size car available in a convertible or coupe version. The car belongs to the Mercedes C class. However, the frame design, technology and body features are inspired by the iconic E class. Jude Law seems to like his new ride, as he is often seen cruising around the streets of Los Angeles in his new Mercedes CLK Cabrio.

Mercedes SL550

Jude Law drives Mercedes SL550

Jude Law was spotted driving the $103,650 SL550 Mercedes through the streets of Hollywood Hills. It's the coolest vehicle to spot in the crowd, in terms of its sleek, dashing, and curvy in design. Truly a showstopper, the jet black exterior can win hearts of millions, and is capable of reaching the speed of 60 mph from start in 4.5 seconds. The reason behind such powerful acceleration reach is due to presence of 5.5-liter V8 engine. Also, the car offers great fuel economy rate of 22 mpg in highway and 14 mpg within the city streets.

Mercedes-Benz SL380

Jude Law’s	Mercedes-Benz SL380

English actor and film producer, Jude Law seems firm in his belief that old is gold; at least where cars are concerned! He drives around the SL380 from Mercedes-Benz. Proof of the statement that true class is timeless, the SL 380 which was a king on the roads from during the 1980s retains its dignity and grace. Its 8-cylinder, 3818cc engine pumps out 218 hp at 5,500 rpm which takes the car to 100 km/h in 9 seconds and gives it a top speed of 215 km/h. It comes in two versions - the coupe and the roadster - with 2 comfortably upholstered seats.

Jude Law Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (3)

Ibiza vacations

Walking along side sea

Jude Law & his actress girlfriend Sienna Miller were photographed unwinding in the beach resort of Ibiza in August 2010. The two loved tanning themselves on the beach & frequently took to the seas in an inflatable dinghy. They loved having lunch & drinks in the beach bar. The couple were also spotted having a whale of a time in the beach resort of Ponza in July 2010. Clearly he loves vacationing in sunny beaches around the world. 

Jude Law & his actress girlfriend Sienna Miller were photographed unwinding in the beach resort of Ibiza in August 2010. The two loved tanning themselves on the beach & frequently took to the seas in an inflatable dinghy. They loved having lunch & drinks in the beach bar.

Location: Ibiza is a world famous beach resort island located in Spain. 

Accommodation: Several international standard hotels are present in Ibiza that fit almost every budget & cater to customers of various classes. The cheapest room at the Ushuaia Beach Hotel costs a cool £650 per night. There are also several budget hotels like Cas Mallorqui hotel, Can Talaias hotel & Can Domo hotel which fall within the £70 to £140 range per night. 

Main Attractions: There are innumerable tourist attractions in Ibiza to keep a visitor occupied. The walled Ibiza Dalt Vila is the oldest part of Ibiza town & is dotted with stone cobbled streets. Majestic ancient mansions are omnipresent & the cathedral is the central attraction of that place. Formentera is a very small island located about 4km to the south of Ibiza. The island has spectacular beaches & contains a few nude beaches too. The carefully preserved salt pans are definitely worth a visit.

The crystal clear Iberian waters complemented by balmy temperatures make diving and snorkeling a dream experience. The unique sea grass found in the sea bed in the Las Salinas national park marks it out as a designated World Heritage site. The less adventurous can also try cycling & shopping at the various hippy markets that throng the island.

Jude Law & his actress girlfriend Sienna Miller on vacations in Ibiza

Jude Law & his actress girlfriend Sienna Miller on vacations in Ibiza
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Can't keep hands off to each other

Can't keep hands off to each other

Relaxing on the yacht

Relaxing on the yacht

Jude Law and number his friends aboard yacht

Jude Law and number his friends aboard yacht

Cool hug from the girlfriend

Cool hug from the girlfriend

Italy vacations

Jude Law & his actress sweetheart Sienna Miller were also spotted having a whale of a time in the beach resort of Ponza, Italy

Jude Law & his actress sweetheart Sienna Miller were also spotted having a whale of a time in the beach resort of Ponza in July 2010. For sure, Jude loved vacationing in the island's sunny beaches, as he was seen kissing and cuddling Sienna many times.

Location: Ponza is situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea and is a part of the Pontine Islands archipelago in Italy just 33 km south of Cape Circeo.

Accommodation: Several budget & luxury resorts are present in Ponza suiting almost every pocket. Luxury Hotel Punta Rossa can set back the average tourist by 500 Euros for a single night stay. Budget hotels like Il Guscio, Le Dune, Terra Felice, Villaggio Dei Pescatori & Piccolo Luisa are priced at very competitive rates in the range of 70 Euros to 130 Euros per night.

Main Attractions: Sightseeing around Ponza is a treat with several interesting places dotting the place. Giardino Botanico Ponziano is a botanical garden while Capo Bianco or Cape White is an Italian National Monument. Grotta della Maga Circe and Grotta di Ulisse O Del Sangue are the mythical caves from Homer's The Odyssey, which are worth exploration. Spiaggia Di Chaia di Luna, Spiaggia di Frontone, Spiaggia di Santa Maria & Spiaggia delle felci are beautiful must see beaches frequented by celebrities. Grotta di Serpent is an underground maze of tunnels dating back to the Roman empire. Piscine Naturale is a natural saltwater swimming pool offering a fun water session for everyone.

At Italian bikini beach party

At Italian bikini beach party

Shares kiss

Shares kiss

The beautiful couple enjoying the vacations

The beautiful couple enjoying the vacations

Hawaii Vacation

Vacation in Hawaii

English star Jude Law was spotted enjoying some cool surfing sessions with his youngest son Rudy in Hawaii. The father son duo were seen holidaying during the New Year vacation this year. Both Jude Law and his son Rudy enjoyed body boarding activity in those splashy waves of Pacific Ocean. The Father and son duo seemed to have a great time in each other's company. Wearing a black short, Jude's bare upper body seems to have become a lot slimmer than it used to be!

Location: Hawaii, commonly referred to as the Big island, is considered to be the largest island in the Hawaii Volcanic Island group. The Big island is located at the extreme southeastern part of the Island chain, on the North Pacific Ocean.

Accommodation: There are plenty of luxury and plush accommodation options available. It is not only about the celebrities but normal people also love to visit Hawaii and stay in these luxury resorts and condos. Accommodation cost is higher during the summer season. However, pre-booking can lead to some discounts on the rates. Some of the best hotels in Hawaii are Grand Wailea (Maui), Four Seasons (Lana'i, and Kailua-Kona ), Ritz Carlton (Kapalua), Halekulani (Waikiki), and Kona Village Resort (Kailua-Kona).

Main Attractions: The Big Island is filled with beautiful, clean beaches, mountains, and those amazing waterfalls. Yes, and then there are those underwater marine experiences to avail. The underwater aquarium as well submarine tour are also wonderful experiences to avail. Hire a cab and visit all the local attractions situated all over the island. It will take near about 8-10 hours to visit the entire island. Among the notable attractions, Akaka falls, Volcano National Park, Nani Mau Gardens, Pearl Harbor, Train Museum, Pua Mau Place Arboretum and Botanical Garden, and Onizuka Space Center are top listed ones to watch. There are several waterfalls located all over the island. Hawaii is a beautiful destination that guarantees enjoyment and a very pleasant vacationing experience.

Jude Law Cause (3)

Make a Wish Foundation

Jude Law at Make a Wish Foundation annual ball in 2007

Make a Wish Foundation takes care of the children, who are down with life threatening diseases, and grants their wishes to make their life meaningful full of hope, joy and happiness. Actor Jude Law supports the cause as much as he can, hosting fund raisers for the foundation, providing donations and making arrangements for more, advertising on behalf of the foundation, etc. The celebrity supporter list of Make a Wish Foundation includes Adam Sandler, Linkin Park, Jon Secada, and many other renowned names.

Education Africa

Jude Law supports the efforts of Education Africa for educating people of Africa

Education Africa seeks help for educating people of Africa, providing them with basic amenities and training them to be global citizens. The main purpose is to educate as many people considering the fact that an educated nation is more of a developing nation, leading to prosperity.

Willow Foundation

Jude Law supports the efforts of Willow Foundation

Jude Law has also been involved with the Willow Foundation for some time now.Willow Foundation is an organization, making days special for people within the age group of 14 to 40 throughout the United Kingdom. The charity was founded by Bob Wilson and his wife Megs in memory of their deceased daughter. The charity has boosted the morale of many cancer patients throughout the United Kingdom. Some of the diseases that the foundation seeks to remove are motor neuron disease, cystic fibrosis, cancer, organ failure, muscular dystrophy, etc.

Jude Law Brands (4)

PRPS Jeans

Actor Jude Law likes to wear PRPS Jeans stuff

PRPS Jeans is the creation of a New York based designing company – Akademics – co founded by brothers / business partners Emmett Harrell and Donwan Harrell, the famous designer for sports brand Nike. PRPS is the biggest creation of the Harrell brothers and the basic PRPS Jeans start at $250 per pair. Actor Jude Law was recently spotted wearing a black PRPS Jeans which is a classic jeans making a bold statement of dynamic fashion.

Lanvin Suede Trim Satin High Sneakers

Jude Law wears Lanvin Suede Trim Satin High Sneakers

Lanvin Suede Trim Satin High Sneakers are round toed sneakers with blue grey laces and reinforced eyelets. The sneakers have blue grey suede edges, diagonal top line, thick rubber sole, purple and navy blue satin patch and a rubber midsole. Jude Law was recently seen sporting one while on his way and it is just one pair out of the numerous pairs of shoes and sneakers owned by the celebrity.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses

Jude law was seen sporting the Wayfarer at an award night, which matched his chosen attire

Ray Ban is a high end manufacturer of sun glasses and the Ray Ban Original Wayfarer is a classic design by Ray Ban from the 1960s. Jude law was seen sporting the Wayfarer at an award night, which matched his chosen attire.

Carol Christian Poell Overlock Leather Jacket

Law is the proud owner of one and was sporting one on his way to the groceries

The Carol Christian Poell Overlock Leather Jacket, is a famous creation from designers Carol Christian Poell and is a sought after commodity in the world of celebrities. It has a slim cut design with fine tailoring work and smooth finish. Jude Law is the proud owner of one and was sporting one on his way to the groceries.

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