Juliette Lewis | $ 25 Million
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Juliette Lewis Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 25 Million
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Born on: 21st Jun 73 Born in: United States Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Actress and singer
Born Juliette L. Lewis has an estimated net worth of $25 million.  Lewis, singer of the American rock band, Juliette and the Licks is an American actress and singer. She has earned her net worth from her appearances both in TV and in films as well as from her album release and solo performances as a singer. As an actress, she has appeared in three episodes of The Wonder Years, and on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. She started to gain international attention in the remake of Cape Fear in 1991. She went on to appear in Woody Allen's Husbands and Wives, Peter Medak's Romeo Is Bleeding, and opposite Brad Pitt in Kalifornia. Her other appearances included the drama film What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Natural Born Killers, and Strange Days where she has revealed her musical ability. Her first album as a solo artist was Terra Incognita which was released in 2009. She was included by Blender magazine in their hottest women of rock music list in 2006. In 2009, she performed at Przystanek Woodstock in Poland and  at the Rock for People festival in the Czech Republic in 2010.    
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