JVC’s New Audio System is a one stop solution for Apple lovers

Andrea Divirgilio / August 17, 2011

JVC Apple product docking station

JVC’s forte at making world class equipment of unique designs is well-known to us, such as in our coverage of the 360 degree Quasar speakers. Now for all the widespread Apple fans, JVC has brought a one-stop solution; the audio-docking stations for your apple products including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod which you could use simultaneously along with charging them for future use and relax while you use them.

The docking stations have hopefully borrowed the designing flavor of Apple products, and made them sleek with a muted appeal to their looks, helping them blending well with the rest of the décor of your room. The central unit consists of the docking slot with 2 adjoining speakers, where you could simply fix-in your Apple gadget and use them. Since there are more than one docking slots, you could charge or use your multiple gadgets at the same time with perfect ease, and the remote control interface allows you to perform these functions while relaxing over your cuppa. Also, there are slots on the station to connect your television set or other music systems which would allow you to play content on larger screen or integrate the audio content from other storage devices. There are mainly 2 models for the docking stations; UXVJ 3 which will cost you $329, and the UXVJ 5 which will cost you $369. The added feature on the UXJV 5 model is the USB slot and the CD player which allows you to enjoy any content on those other storage mediums.

Via: JVC

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