A Kahn Design gives the Lamborghini Aventador a minimalistic makeover

Andrea Divirgilio / March 9, 2013

British designer Afzal Kahn of A. Kahn Design have turned his car obsession into something which is majorly sought after by the wealthy luxury car buyers. He has previously given high end styling makeovers to luxury cars like the Range Rover military edition, and the Aston Martin Rapide 4-door edition sports car. This time it is the turn of the Lamborghini Aventador, which has turned into a simplistic yet a sportier edition of its original existence. While the exterior has seen a few changes, but the major additions as one will notice, has been on the interiors, which has been give the premium treatment, at least considering the premium quality leather fabrication.

Lamborghini Aventador A Kahn edition

The interior are actually a showcase of the British designing house with the color black, which has been generously splattered all over the place. The seats are crafted from black nappa leather with contrasting white stitching, the most artistic edition of which is seen on the steering wheel with the Lamborghini monogram at the centre. However, word has it that one can choose the color and fabrication too, but this combo of black and white is known to be Kahn’s signature one.

Lamborghini Aventador A Kahn edition additions

With the sharp edges that Lamborghinis generally sport, the aero-dynamicity seems to stand out each time, even in the case of the Aventador. What’s more interesting is that Afzal Kahn has managed to disturb the signatures of the Italian racing car maker, yet fitted his own cues rather with subtlety.

Lamborghini Aventador A Kahn edition steering wheel

The front set of wheels is a 9 x 20-inch Pirelli set, where as the rear end gets a pair of 13 x 21-inch set from the same tyre brand. One can also choose for the finishing of the wheel caps, which have been given the optional hyper white or liquid silver finishing.

Lamborghini Aventador A Kahn edition front left

For those looking for other special editions of the Lamborghini Aventadors, do check out the J Aural Assault edition, the Mansory Carbonado edition, and the ever so skilled a rendition of the Lamborghini Aventador in miniature carbon fiber edition. This edition reportedly costed $4.7 million, which perhaps tells us that if one has the money, the ways of spending them rather lavishly outnumber them far and wide.

Lamborghini Aventador A Kahn edition left view

Via: Kahn Design/ Motorward/ Autoevolution

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