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Net Worth $ 100 Million
Brazilian football attacking midfielder, Kaka
Brazilian football attacking midfielder, Kaka
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Born on: 22nd Apr 82 Born in: Brazil Marital status: Married Occupation: Brazilian football attacking midfielder
Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, better known to the sporting community as "Kaka" is an acclaimed Brazilian football star and the world's first sports figure to amass over 12 million followers on Twitter. This attacking midfielder currently represents the iconic Brazilian national team and Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid. He started his playing career at the tender age of eight by turning up for a local club and subsequently had his first taste of professional football with Brazilian giants São Paulo FC. Kaka’s special talents got a global audience during a highly successful six year stint with Italian giants A.C. Milan which culminated with him winning the prestigious Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards in 2007. The Brazilian’s wizardry with the football has turned him into one of the richest sportspersons in the world with a net worth well over 100 million USD. Multimillion dollar playing contracts with club giants Real Madrid and A.C.Milan have played a significant part in securing the midfielder’s financial future. MNC’s like Giorgio Armani, Adidas, and Guarana have attempted to tap into Ricardo’s massive fan base spread across the globe by signing him up for several lucrative endorsement deals. Even though Ricardo’s financial success means that he can enjoy all the material comforts of life that has not always been his exclusive focus and a lot of his efforts have gone towards helping out the underprivileged people in society which has culminated in the player being honored as the youngest ambassador for the UN World Food Programme. The footballer regularly donates 10 percent of his income to the church and has tirelessly worked to raise funds for charities like United Nations Development Programme and Goal4Africa. Kaka and his family live in a spacious 1500 square feet mansion in Madrid valued at 7 million Euros. The star loves spending quality time with his wife and kids and frequently embarks on long drives with them in his Audi Q7 car. Ricardo was born in the capital of Brazil in a middle class family and moved to Sao Paolo at a young age where he spent most of his early life. The footballer got the nickname of “Caca” or “Kaka” from his younger brother and interestingly most of the general public and media organizations address him by that moniker. The Brazilian suffered a tragic swimming pool accident at the age of 18 which almost left him paralyzed but miraculously staged a full recovery which helped to strengthen his belief in God. Unusually for a superstar footballer, Kaka has been untainted by any scandal in his personal life and has been happily married to his childhood sweetheart Caroline for the past 7 years. The couple has been blessed with two lovely children.  
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Kaka Wedding (1)

Kaka and Caroline Celico

Brazilian footballer Kaka met Caroline Celico in 2002 and the couple dated for three long years before tying the knot in 2005. The marriage ceremony took place in Sao Paolo on the 23rd day of December, 2005. One amazing thing about this beautiful couple is that they remained virgin till the knot. Yes, it's difficult to believe but Kaka and Caroline are both strong follower of Christianity. Caroline wore a beautiful white wedding gown while Kaka was dressed in black suit, white shirt, and silvery peach tie. Once the Church Father pronounced the couple as "Man" and "Wife", a very passionate kiss was exchanged between Caroline and Kaka.

The wedding ceremony was attended by family members and friends from both the sides. Some of the footballer from Brazil national team like Robinho, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Kafu, and Roberto attended the ceremony. Other notable international footballers like Lionel Messi, Marcelo Saragosa, Radamel Falacao, and Cristiano Ronaldo.The wedding took place in Sao Paolo Cathedral that was followed by an enjoyable party on the Church garden. It was a graceful party with red wine being the principle drink to serve the guests. Being a strong supporter of PETA, the party featured only vegan delicacies.

Kaka Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

Portofino Vacation

Vacation in Portofino

Brazilian footballer Kaka was spotted enjoying a very calm and relaxed holiday session in the fishing village of Portofino with his gorgeous wife, Caroline. It was mid-August of 2008 when the couple was spotted in very scantly covered clothes while enjoying water sports at the Portofino beach. The couple enjoyed skiing for some long hours. Then, they participated in plain swimming session. After that, Kaka was seen getting too much intimidate with her wife while taking sun bath. Kaka was in a black boxer while Caroline wore a one piece black swimsuit.

Location: A fishing village, Portofino is located in the Linguria region of Italy. The town is a bit crowded and located round the harbor. The amazing Paraggi Beach lies very close to the coast.

Accommodation: Portofino is a small fishing village cum town with a nice pinch of coastal experience. Of late, it has embarked into a wonderful tourist destination for those who travel to Italy. Some nice accommodation facility has developed in this part of Italy. Motels, Inns, Condos, Guest Houses, and even Luxury Hotels are available these days in Portofino. The top accommodation facilities in Portofino are Splendido and Splendido Mare, Grand Miramare, Excelsior Palace, and Eight Hotel.

Main Attractions: Students of history will find this place really interesting. Yes, Portofino is a very ancient village. Historians have mentioned it's existence even during the 9th century. There are several ancient structures and artifacts that surround this small fishing village. Some of the most notable tourist attractions include Christ of the Abyss statue, St.George Church, St. Martin Cathedral (the oldest in the region, 12th century), Castello Brown, and Santa Maria Assunta Oratory. Apart from these historical places, Portofino also feature plenty of shopping malls. The beaches are also quite spectacular and hosts plenty of water sport activities.

Kaka Cause (3)


Kaka supports THORN

The Brazilian star mid-fielder, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite a.k.a Kaka is an avid supporter of causes involving human rights, children's rights and abolishing of slavery, sexual abuse and human trafficking. He has been part of several charity football matches, some of which benefit THORN foundation, started by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. It makes use of technology to deter child-predators and protect victims.

United Nations Development Programme

Kaka supports United Nations Development Programme

Ace footballer Kaka is one among 40 others who lined up to play for charity under the auspices of the UNDP. The goal of UNDP is to partner with the people at different levels of society to build nations strong enough to withstand the various crises. Kaka participated in the fundraisers organized by UNDP to support Haiti when the little country was ravaged by a powerful earthquake.

World Food Program

Kaka supports World Food Program

The soccer star, Kaka, is an active partner with the World Food Program which is a worldwide leader in the fight against hunger having a reach of more than 100 million people across more than 80 countries annually. Kaka has been quite vocal and equivocal in his support for the charity, urging fans to donate at least a Euro towards eradicating hunger.

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