Kamado Joe’s new Pro Joe grill is the most advanced ceramic grill

Andrea Divirgilio / March 21, 2011

The bbq season is around the corner, and for those who are gearing up for the forthcoming barbeque parties in their backyard, the latest award-winning grill on the market is Kamado Joe’s new “Pro Joe” grill. This new Revolution Series of ceramic grills by Kamado Joe enables you to achieve the traditional-style perfect sear on meat in less time, every time. Pro Joe carries the largest cooking area of any ceramic grill, with advanced technology for highest heat retention. The other features include a more precise temperature control system, a proprietary air sealing system and an aesthetic design.

The ceramic grill features a three-layer design with an inner ceramic core that averages 2” in thickness, wrapped in a ceramic fiber insulation blanket and then encapsulated in a stainless steel outer shell for superior heat retention. The new design also reduces the exterior temperature by more than half that of the interior temperature. The re-engineered design completely seals off the airflow for accelerated cooling at reduced fuel costs. The design highlights include a perfectly counterbalanced hinge system for static positioning of the grill. The cooking area includes an upper grate with a cooking area of 471 sq in., and the lower grate with a 434 sq in cooking area.

This luxury charcoal grill will make a great addition even to your existing outdoor grill. A stainless steel grill table is also available. This hi-tech ceramic grill has recently won the Vesta Award at HPB Expo 2011, for its product design and technology. And, the Kamado Joe Pro adorns a high-end price tag as well at $7995.

Via: Kamado Joe

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