Karl Lagerfeld to design VIP Helicopters

Andrea Divirgilio / April 7, 2012

After lending a magical hand to everything he has touched, and lent his creative instincts embark upon, designer Karl Lagerfeld has now stepped into the arena for designing VIP helicopters. His previous strokes of iconic designing include the most expensive safe with Doettling, and his signature Steiff Teddy bear which he keeps with himself. Looking at the craze that these products generated in luxury lifestyle market, something like a VIP helicopter will indeed be sought after by the rich folks, especially because it’s going to involve the latest AW139 model, known for its large size and prowess in rough conditions.

Karl Lagerfeld with the AW139 helicopter

With a capacity to land in harsh off-shore operational conditions, the AW139 is known to be a premier offering from the house Augusta Westland, who has recently managed to deliver one of these to Bel Air. It is thus the target vehicle, on which the styling icon Karl Lagerfeld will be putting his skills to task, and create something just as iconic as his previous masterstrokes. About the AW139, it is known to be an ideal aircraft for offshore delivery operations, and transport of large quantities of cargo. It even has a capacity to put on 15 passengers at any point of them apart from luggage. With Lagerfeld’s golden touch on the sizeable quantity of automotive real estate, one can expect a sophisticate touch of bling, along with state of the art technology and aesthetics that perhaps would not need a new introduction. After the recent showing of the 2012 Chanel Airways Couture, all of us ought to brace ourselves for another creative showdown with the VIP Helicopters.

The Augusta Westland AW139 Helicopter

As for Augusta Westland, who just delivered the 2nd unit of the AW139, will expect their customer base to expand in big ways. Their target audience seems to be the uber-rich, and this is perhaps the safest route for them to embark upon.

Via: Fashion Loving/ Augusta Westland

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