Kedo high-end H1 speaker boasts a carbon fiber make: Where art meets acoustics
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Kedo high-end H1 speaker boasts a carbon fiber make: Where art meets acoustics

Kedo high-end H1 speaker boasts a carbon fiber make: Where art meets acoustics

When it comes to recreating sound with life-like accuracy, with the similar intensity, and great aesthetics of machinery, there is very little that would reach further than Kedo H1 speaker set. Created mostly out of carbon fiber, and high grade copper and silver components, the Kedo H1 sets have been the additional capability to be Omni-directional, meaning the ability spread out sound in a 360-degree format, and that too with unparalleled realism. The reason for that is the way the sound waves interact with the ambience in which the devices are placed, which in this case, are the spherical stands. Not compromising on aesthetics either, the Kedo H1 seems to be a optimum example of Italian craftsmanship meeting with high buy cheap Viagra quality engineering.

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KEDO H1 carbon fiber speaker

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Beginning with what makes the difference in this case is the acoustic lens placed between each speaker. They are responsible for spreading the sound by connecting to the waves and enhancing its clarity instead of being an interruption. Also the designing plays a very important role; hence spheres have been used to keep the base away from the ground, which in turn also help in buy Disulfiram online bringing the omni-directional property of the sound output. The next and perhaps one of the most fundamental reasons why the speakers are going to be as successful as being described, is the use of internal components pertaining to the highest standards amongst commercially available lot. The coils are equipped with an air core which is anti-saturation even on high volumes thus enabling sound to live up to their full potential. Other additions would include the poly propylene capacitors, mounted and decoupled with the 4mm thick cabinet, and the wiring system with copper and silver, ensure that the electrical transmission doesn’t go amiss anywhere. Both metals are known for their properties to conduct electricity, hence in used other high-end machinery for their properties, the same as this case. As for number game goes, the frequency response is stated to be between 24 Hz- 33 Khz, and a power consumption of 200 Watts RMS. In case you are dying to know some more, the diffuser is a Manger MSW with a tweeter and a woofer with 10-inch carbon film.

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Kedo high-end H1 speaker

In terms of aesthetics, the story is equally pleasing. With the carbon fiber glossy surface, combined with the abstract multi-storied design, it makes for a great showpiece as well. Ideally suited for lighter colored background, these speakers will add a sense of futuristic inclination to the rest of the décor. This is perhaps one other criteria that the rich audiophile might look into, while ordering these $22,000 per pair set. In case they dazzle you too far, do take a look at the Gobel reference speakers and the SW Figaro and Apollo sets. Could spare you some breathers between admiring high-end electronics.

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