KEF blade speakers are no longer a dream as long as you have $30k in your pocket

Andrea Divirgilio / May 20, 2011

kef blade speakers

The long-awaited KEF concept blade speaker range is now a reality. We have earlier told you about the concept speakers back in 2009. Though it’s very rare that the prototypes the companies flaunt make a shift from concept into reality, KEF has been able to pull it off just as was expected. The curvy blade shaped speakers are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the ears.

Besides the curvaceous silhouette, the speaker boasts individual driver sections for bass (LF), midrange (MF) and treble (HF) for a surround sound experience that seems to be coming from a single source. Four 9” (22.5 cm), newly developed bass drivers delivers distortion-free low frequency response.

The artistic speakers are available in a range of gloss finishes, including piano black, garnet, sapphire, grigio, racing red, racing blue, pale gold, orange sorbet, graphite, stardust, lemon sorbet, lime sorbet or snow white. And, this sound beast is strictly meant for the rich audiophiles with a $30k ($29,999) price tag.

Via: Home Tech/KEF

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