KEF X300A hi-fi desktop speaker system sells for $800 a pair

Andrea Divirgilio / September 7, 2012

Ever since its inception in 1961, loudspeakers manufacturer KEF has maintained a flair for unusual and controversial speaker engineering, design and material use. This British-based brand has always driven innovation in sound with class-leading examples including its iconic limited edition $130K MUON speakers and the Blade speakers. Now, continuing its legacy of being at the forefront of loudspeaker research and development, KEF has introduced the X300A high definition digital Hi-fi speaker system that offers the highest resolution music reproduction from all computer systems and sound-devices via a ‘distortion-free’ USB digital input. Offering high fidelity setup, high definition sound and high simplicity, this $800 speaker system actually lets you ‘Hi-Fi’ your computer.

KEF X300A hi-fi desktop speaker system sells for $800 a pair

KEF X300A hi-fi desktop speaker system sells for $800 a pair

High Fidelity Setup

Unlike the typical active computer speaker designs, the X300A utilizes twin class AB audiophile grade amplifiers, which are normally used in high quality hi-fi amplifiers, in its each speaker.

KEF X300A hi-fi desktop speaker system sells for $800 a pair

Which technically means that because each driver has an amplifier delivering its own power, so the tweeters doesn’t get affected even when woofer amps are driven close to the limit.

High Definition Sound

The user gets lossless high resolution 96kHz/24 bit quality sound from source to output, with the help of digital USB input and inter-speaker connections. And, to get the very best from the twin class AB amplifiers, X300A comes featured with an award-winning Uni-Q driver design, which has been adapted from KEF’s flagship Blade speaker.

Plug and Play

Using an all-digital USB link, users just need to connect the speakers directly to their computers, and then plug them into a power source to enjoy a genuine hi-fi experience.

Also, we have recently seen the KEF 50th Anniversary desktop loudspeakers, the special edition LS50 mini monitor speakers which has been derived from the legendary ‘engineers speaker’ LS3/5a, used by the BBC in the 1960s.

Via: KEF

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