KEF’s limited edition $130K MUON speakers

Andrea Divirgilio / May 18, 2007

muon 48
Another treat for the uber-rich audiophiles! British manufacturer KEF has now dropped limited edition Ross Lovegrove-designed MUON speakers, of which just one-hundred pairs will be made. The MUON has been carved from super-formed aluminum and malleable sheets of heated aluminum that bless it with an inimitable shape. The 7-feet tall beautifully crafted four-way speaker system are technically quite sound with the powerful bass drivers, upper mid-range and treble. They have managed to double the available volume proficiently by adsorbing air molecules by activated carbon, thanks to the Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE) technology. Hey, you know very well that such high quality, such a beautifully designed set of speakers won’t come cheap. Yes, they are priced at $130,000 per pair. Check out the other luxury speakers too.

Via: ElectronicHouse

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