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Net Worth $ 150 Million
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Born on: 8th Jan 67 Born in: United States Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Singer and Songwriter
R. Kelly net worth is estimated at $150 million. Being one of the most successful R&B artists of all time, Robert Sylvester Kelly, popularly known by his stage name R. Kelly, is very often referred to as the king of R&B. R. Kelly net worth  came mainly from the  10 studio albums selling over 38 million copies in the US alone and 54 million worldwide. The American singer and songwriter is definitely the most successful R&B artist of the 1990s. Without a doubt, the tremendous R. Kelly net worth that  he own is the result of his highly successful R&B career. His discography spans 12 albums and he is working on his 13th - Black Panties. He has had several collaboration albums and compilation albums. The singer also has an impressive filmography to his name withTrapped in the Closet series of songs being the superhit. Kelly's spending is as varied as his life experiences. R. Kelly net worth made him own a magnificent 11,140 sq ft mansion in Olympia Fields, Illinois. He prefers luxury automobiles and is the proud owner of the Maybach 62S and has featured in a custom-built Zoragy Sylvester. He also owns a licensed Beretta pistol. The difficult and scandal-filled times saw him shelling out a whooping $750,000 bail. For the human touch of R. Kelly net worth , he has performed on numerous occasions for charity and on one occasion, when his gig failed to generate profits for the Texas Military Family Foundation, he donated $50,000 from his own pocket. The nature and settings of his songs ensure that he is able to combine work with vacationing - a rare combination! Kelly had a good voice and inclination for music from childhood and he often earned pocket change from audiences in street corners and trains. His first taste of success was via the group, Public Announcement, with which he recorded the album Born into the 90's which got into the top 40, this also marked the beginning of R. Kelly net worth . Then came the solo, 12 Play, which sold over 5 million copies. One of the last hits of legend Michael Jackson, You are not alone was written by Kelly who followed it up with a Grammy winning I Believe I Can Fly for Michael Jordan. The beginnings of scandal in his life were when he successfully teamed up with Jay-Z for a couple more hits. The child-porn scandal hit R. Kelly net worth hard  but he did not back out. He got himself absolved and launched his next album, Chocolate Factory which opened as 2003's No.1! He was married to Andrea Kelly from 1996 to 2009 and has two daughters and a son. To date, he has won at least 25 awards including 3 Grammys and 20 Grammy nominations - all these were A+ to R. Kelly net worth .
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