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Net Worth $ 50 Million
Kevin Bacon
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Born on: 8th Jul 58 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor
Kevin Bacon net worth is estimated at $50 million. Kevin Bacon is an American actor who is known for playing unconventional roles in films. His trademark is his deep voice and his inclination to play anti-hero protagonist. He made his debut in 1978 with Animal House but he went unnoticed. His notable roles in the films like X-Men: First Class, Frost/Nixon, Death Sentence, Tremors, Friday the 13th, Mystic River expanded Kevin Bacon net worth. Kevin has won Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards but it is sad to note that this hugely talented actor has never been nominated for an Academy Award. In 2003 he received a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.   Kevin always maintains in various interviews that he likes to keep his income private but some independent sources have confirmed that his pay per movie is a minimum of $2 million per movie. He has done a few endorsements in his career. In 2007 he did an ad for Hanes underwear range and in 2010 Kevin started promoting Logitech Revue with Google TV. In between he had also signed an endorsement deal with VISA but like his many other things, the endorsement amount is always kept under wraps. All these were icing on the cake to Kevin Bacon net worth.   Just a few months back Kevin bought an architectural house in Los Angeles for a sum of $2.5 million. This is a 2 bedroom house in the Los Feliz neighborhood. The property spreads over 2760 sq ft and looks a bit modest by his standards. The house has lots of wood and glass and a marble-lined staircase. There are a plethora of windows all around to let the natural light come in. The yard boasts of a pool, a spa and an outdoor kitchen, thanks to Kevin Bacon net worth.   Many of you might be wondering what car does Kevin Bacon drive? Well, this is where the sameness creeps in. He drives a Toyota Prius like many other Hollywood stars. We still have not figured out why all the stars have a fetish towards this Toyota car.   Bacon married actress Kyra Sedgwick in September 1988. The couple has starred together in quite a few films like Loverboy, The Woodsman and Murder in the First. They have two children and they all live in Upper Manhattan but grapevine suggests that they might move to LA since they have just bought a property there. Bacon is not a firm believer in God but that does not imply that he is anti-religion. Bacon and Sedgwick lost an undisclosed huge sum of money through the fraudulent investor Bernard Madoff.
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Kevin Bacon Estates and Homes (1)

Los Feliz home

Gorgeous view of home

Famous Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick bought a luxury villa in December 2011. The deal was reportedly finalized for 2.5 million USD. The couple moved in recently with their two children.

Location: It is located in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, California, USA.

Accommodation: The multilevel house covers a carpet area of approximately 2,800 square feet. It has 2 bedrooms with attached balconies, a well-furnished living room, a spacious drawing room and 3 bathrooms. An indoor staircase provides connectivity between different floors. The modern kitchen has been fitted with all the latest appliances like microwave oven and dishwasher. The living room offers a grand view of the Griffin Park Observatory. The house boasts of massive floor to ceiling windows which let in a lot of sunlight. There is a separate guestroom and an office. The stone paved patio provides an aesthetic look. The garage can accommodate about 5 cars.

Features: The mansion has been equipped with most of the luxuries people crave for. The medium sized swimming pool in its courtyard is equipped with large deck chairs. Spectacular fountains provide a breathtaking view. An outdoor spa provides avenues for relaxation. A Jacuzzi is present inside alongside a gymnasium. Most of the expensive furniture adorning the house is of the latest contemporary design. The centralized air conditioner confirms to the latest environmental design standards. The house was built in 1957 and retains some of the look and feel of the design of that era. It has undergone significant modifications in the recent past. Plants adorn the patio and the courtyard has a very green look with plenty of trees.......


Neighborhood: Some of the most famous people in America reside in Kevin’s neighborhood. Hollywood personalities Eva Mendes, Megan Fox, Colin Farrell, James Cameroon have made Los Feliz their home....

Living hall staircase

Living hall staircase

Spacious dining hall

Spacious dining hall

Swimming pool view

Swimming pool view

Spectacular living hall

Spectacular living hall

Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon's Los Feliz mansion

Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon's Los Feliz mansion
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Kevin Bacon Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

Hawaii Vacations

Kevin Bacon has been spotted having a good time being shirtless along the Hawaiian beach

Kevin Bacon has been spotted having a good time being shirtless along the Hawaiian beach. The actor was seen walking wrapping just his towel after a diving session in the ocean in Hawaii. Bacon was joined by his sweetheart wife Kyra Sedgwick, who was spotted in a two toned bikini! The happy couple also had their kids Travis and Sosie along with them during their vacation.

Location: A spectacular recreational zone for the famous, wealthy and beautiful, the Hawaii islands is well situated in USA.

Accommodation: Hawaii has surplus hotels and resorts, of nearly all budgets and tastes which will not only present a friendly atmosphere but also a fine piece of wonderful hospitality service to excite the visitors. The Hawaiian hotel’s comfy suites have oodles of practical luxurious amenities along with many multipurpose types of equipment, ensuring a merrier stay for the guests.

Main Attraction: The visitors have rightly termed the Hawaiian Islands as paradise islands as they feature a truly magnetic environment, seductive beaches to sunbathe and play, and plenty of dramatic scenery to capture in camera. Soothing massages offer absolute rejuvenation, while the incredible golf courses make a call to attend them. The tourists can also visit the nice classic art galleries and can also do shopping at the shopping locations spread throughout here.

Kevin Bacon Cause (4)

Global Fund for Women

Kevin Bacon stands in support for the Global Fund for Women

Kevin Bacon stands in support for the Global Fund for Women, which makes appropriate grants to seed, boost and further link women’s rights groups which are based outside the United States and working with full commitment to address the human rights issues. The rights covered include putting an end to Gender-Based Violence and developing peace and harmony, ensuring economic and environmental impartiality, advancing the health, sexual and reproductive rights, expanding the people’s civic and political participation, promoting and increasing access to education, and nurturing Social Change Philanthropy in society.

SixDegrees was started by Kevin Bacon in January 2007 in alliance with Network for Good was started by Kevin Bacon in January 2007 in alliance with Network for Good. It is a social network having a social morality, being backed by Bacon and other celebs. The website offers an ideal place to learn about the charity and also support the beloved charities of celebrities and one’s friends, along with fundraising for individual causes. Via this web site, one can support his favorite charities by creating or donating a social fundraiser. One can also check out the beloved causes of other society people, including those of celebrities.

The Doe Fund

Kevin supports The Doe Fund’s mission, aimed to develop and apply cost-effective, universal programs that can effectively meet the humble needs of a diverse density of population

Kevin supports The Doe Fund’s mission, aimed to develop and apply cost-effective, universal programs that can effectively meet the humble needs of a diverse density of population. The charity works to break the cycle of homelessness, drug obsession, and criminal tendency, to overall improve the life of citizens. All of the Fund’s programs and various innovative business ventures are aimed to ultimately help the homeless and enable the formerly incarcerated individuals to achieve permanent self-sufficiency. Founded in 1985, The Fund till date has developed many innovative programs to boost the formerly homeless and also the low-income individuals. The fund’s award-winning program “Ready, Willing & Able” was created in 1990. The Doe Fund’s programs apart from the mentioned areas have greatly expanded to offer services for individuals bearing HIV and AIDS, along with a huge number of permanent reasonable housing projects.

Network for Good

Network for Good is backed up by Bacon

Network for Good is backed up by Bacon. It is an E-philanthropy site wherein the interested individuals can donate anything they wish, or can volunteer and be involved in the issues they are concerned about in real life. So, whether it is any nonprofit firm raising money for any good cause, a renowned corporation which is offering back to communities or a simple individual raising essential funds for his favorite charity by the support of his family and friends, Network for Good boosts each and every cause by giving the platform. The E-philanthropy site has processed near about $700 million for more than 80,000 nonprofits ever since it was incepted. Network for Good is accredited by the esteemed Better Business Bureau, and meets all the 20 of its prescribed standards for charity accountability.

Kevin Bacon Brands (1)

Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses

Bacon has been seen a number of times wearing the 3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses from the house of Ray-Ban

Bacon has been seen a number of times wearing the 3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses from the house of Ray-Ban. A legendary and iconic world-leading label, Ray-Ban is identical with a unique style which stands for brilliant design, unrivaled quality, finest performance and supreme dependability. All the models in the Clubmaster Sunglasses collection are the valued product of scrupulous styling that effectively succeeds in translating the finest of the latest trends to a booming range of ever-contemporary designer eyewear. The brand Ray-Ban never follows fashion, but embodies a unique and charming lifestyle of its own.

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