Key Box Factory pampers the keys of your luxury roadster
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Key Box Factory pampers the keys of your luxury roadster

Key Box Factory pampers the keys of your luxury roadster

Luxury car key box

People love their luxury vehicles and go to great lengths to show off and take buy Zithromax online care of them. One such method is by carrying limited edition accessories like the car keys. We have earlier shown you blinged versions of keys in the form of Mercedes Swarovski crystal keys, diamond studded Ferrari keys, and the Alexander Amosu Bentley key. To keep your luxury roadsters and their custom made keys safe, it would need special boxes as made by Eibenstock in Germany.

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These boxes have been handcrafted and matched specifically with your car. Whether it’s the exterior color or the leather inside, it is matched to the exact shade and texture giving it the feel of being fur mich war baclofen die entscheidende wende im umgang mit von dort ebenfalls original-baclofen aus spanien, weil es dort rezeptfrei erhaltlich ist. bin ich zu generic4all gekommen, um baclofen online zu bestellen. an extension of the vehicle itself. Primarily made of stainless steel, the top part of the box is fitted with special plates, which could have your name engraved on it or even the company logo for commercial vehicles.

The interiors are done with matching leather which treatment of impotence are hand stitched which would appeal as an extension of your loved luxury vehicle. Since appeal has been a noted feature of these boxes, each box is painted with multiple coats of metallic paints and finally a double clear lacquer giving it a finishing which remains unmatched. The other extra feature which is added on request is the push-up feature which makes the inner plate rise up and opens spaces where you can keep your vehicle papers safe.

Ideally suitable for car launches and gifting purposes, this key box start at $570 each but goes up depending buy Levitra online upon your customization choices.

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