“The King of Wines” A 1774 Bottle of Vin Jaune offerred at Christie’s Fine wines auction

Andrea Divirgilio / May 15, 2012

Fine wine is always on the radar map for connoisseurs and collectors, especially if they carry a vintage origin with them. We saw plenty of such bottles from pages of history in the list of most expensive wines, and also the Space aged wine bottle, that had the beverage infused with a 4.5 billion year old meteorite thus pushing its price higher. Now, it’s the turn of an ultra-rare 1774 bottle of Vin Jaune which will go under the hammer at Christie’s Fine wine auction on May 15, this year. For an asking price between $43,504 and $54,380, the bottle will see a rather fierce budding as more than the content alone, the historical vintage associated with it, will generate the interest around it.

1774 Vin Jaune wine bottle

Dating back to 1774, this bottle of Vin Jaune has been in the custody of the Vercel family in a vaulted cellar, located in Arbois, which happens to be the capital of Jura wines. Protected over a period of 8 generations since the bottling, there has been considerable interest around it, meaning that the auction would indeed see a fierce battle for grabbing it. As Mr. Michael Ganne, head of the auction event testified, one of the bottles from this very same batch was opened in 1994, only to be tasted by 24 lucky professionals who described it as excellent. Even if one is expecting this one to be just as good, if not brilliant, one can be assured that the 87centileteres of wine would still have a lot of golden amber color and mixture of flavors like nuts, spices, cinnamon, vanilla and dried fruits still present. But, if this round bellied long necked bottle is as rare as it is supposed to be, then it could very well be the most prized procession of the collector, who would end up buying it! Pretty sure no one’s gulping down this 238-year old prize.

UPDATE: The bottle of Vin Jaune produced in 1774 was sold for $49 200 at Chrisite’s auction in Geneva, Switzerland on May 15, 2012.

Via: Christies

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