Kobold’s Himalaya Everest Edition Watch has a piece of Mt. Everest summit rock

Andrea Divirgilio / August 30, 2012

A world’s first in the field of horology; the Himalaya Everest Edition from the celebrated Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of adventure-ready watches Kobold, is the most unique timekeeper that boasts a very special dial crafted from a piece of rock collected from the summit of Mount Everest, the Earth’s highest mountain with a peak of 8,848 meters above sea level. Powered by Swiss automatic-winding movement, this watch’s face came straight from the Mt. Everest summit limestone that watchmaker Michael Kobold himself plucked along with his watch company’s brand ambassador, explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, from the lofty ground and brought back down the mountain in 2009. However, the idea of incorporating some of the world’s sought after things in the creation of exclusive timepieces is not new, as we have earlier seen the Liberty Enlightening RJ-Romain Jerome watch whose verdigris dial incorporates the particle of the iconic Statue of Liberty and the Lang & Heyne’s “Caliber I” limited edition watches that has been crafted from the ivory of a wooly mammoth that actually died some 10,000 years ago.

Kobold's Himalaya Everest Edition Watch has a piece of Everest summit rock

Interestingly, a German specialist company located in Idar-Oberstein actually spent almost two-years to cut, polish and shape the rock in a way that would ensure the structural integrity of the beautiful dials crafted from Mt. Everest summit limestone rock that now forms the mysterious 7 mm-thick face of the Himalaya Everest Edition. And, the result is the stunning timepiece that has no equals. Each of the watch’s dial is unique and exhibits the various characteristics found inside the rock.

Kobold's Himalaya Everest Edition Watch has a piece of Everest summit rock

Speaking about the structure of the Himalaya Everest Edition, it features a brushed finished case crafted from surgical stainless steel, and the domed, anti-reflective crystal synthetic sapphire. This water-resistant watch offers 40 hours of power reserve, along with an integrated shock resistance system.

Kobold's Himalaya Everest Edition Watch has a piece of Everest summit rock

Thanks to the rare and sought after natural material got from the highest mountain, each of the 25 limited edition watches are unique its own way and will remind the grandeur of the mighty Mt. Everest. Notably, the wearer of this watch can actually get a feel of an achievement of climbing the Mt. Everest.

Kobold's Himalaya Everest Edition Watch has a piece of Everest summit rock

Handmade in Nepal, the Himalaya Everest Edition timepiece proudly displays its country of origin on its dial. This particular wristwatch retailing at a price tag of $16,500 has been the result of watchmaker Michael Kobold’s unique decision to launch Kobold Watch Company Nepal Pvt. Ltd. And, this project of producing unique Himalaya wristwatches holds a special meaning to people associated in any way with Kobold’s Kathmandu operation, and is not only a matter of great national pride but also a boost to the confidence in this country’s fledging economy.

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