Koenigsegg CCR

$ 1000 Thousand
Top Speed
245 (mph)

The Koenigsegg CCR is a world famous sports car manufactured by Swedish high performance car design expert company Koenigsegg. It was first unveiled to the public in the year 2004. Production continued for 2 years and was finally ceased in 2006. A total of 14 cars were built in the company’s Ängelholm factory in Sweden. The Koenigsegg CC8S was the design inspiration behind this car. For a very brief duration in 2005, it held the honor of being the fastest car in production in the world by clocking a top speed of 388 km/hour. Currently it is in the top five list of cars with the highest speed. It carried the price tag of $650000 when it was first launched in the market. It can now cost more than $ 1 million. It sported the symbol of a “ghost” in honor of a Swedish Fighter Jet Squadron.


CCR's 4700 cc V8 engine having four valves per cylinder is capable of an output of 806 bhp at 6900 rpm and 920 Nm of torque at 5700 rpm. It has a six speed manual transmission system. The lateral G-Force exerted is 1.3G. It has a sequential multi point fuel injection system. The ground clearance is 100mm and the dual plate clutch is electronically operated. Engine weighs about 215 kg having a compression ratio of 8.6:1. The car has superb pickup and is capable of accelerating from 0 km/hour to 100 km/hour in 3.2 seconds and the maximum speed possible is a staggering 395 km/hour.


The car features rack and pinion assisted power steering. The interior is designed as per the latest ergonomic concepts to ensure a comfortable handling experience and driver safety. The leather seats have been manufactured using composite materials. All the controls confirm to ergonomic design standards. The climate control system adds up to the passenger comfort. The LED controls are easy to operate and instantly give a clear picture of the various system parameters to the driver. State of the art safety features have been installed. The fuel tank has a capacity of 80 liters and the luggage compartment can hold a maximum of 120 liters.


It’s a two door vehicle with a retractable rooftop and holds seating arrangement for two people . Kevlar and carbon composites were used in the fabrication of the body. The aerodynamics design principles implemented in this car were Venturi tunnels at the back of the chassis and a completely flat underside which helped to reduce drag and maximize the speed potential of the car. The chassis was constructed from preimpregnated carbon fiber reinforced with honey-comb to increase strength. The front and rear suspensions were push-rod operated incorporating double wishbones, anti roll bar and adjustable gas-hydraulic shock absorbers. The height could be electronically adjusted. Power brakes made of 6 piston light alloy calipers were present at the front and rear. Center locked magnesium alloy wheels were fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires. It was available in metallic red, golden chrome and metallic silver colors.