Koenigsegg CCX-R, tailor-made for the thinking rich

Andrea Divirgilio / November 27, 2007

koenigsegg ccxr
For the odds we finally have a car that could potentially dethrone the Veyron or the Bristol as the fastest car and for us we have a new car with a hefty price tag. The brand-new special edition Koenigsegg CCX-R from the Swedish hasn’t just been picked by us for a price tag of $2,342,580.46. But for traits which make it outstanding for reasons one many. It is the first car which isn’t just a pure road scorcher running on gas but a devil which surprisingly is eco-friendly as it can run on biofuel, that too, without compromising on the performance. The price looks fitting keeping in mind the specs but what really would be interesting to see is whether it could really dethrone the Veyron. If it truly does, our eco-friendly riches won’t mind having this one at the back of their garages.

Via: Jalopnik

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