Kohler Artist Editions Top Art Lavatories: Class Apart!

Andrea Divirgilio / August 28, 2007

top art lavatories
Some days back, we mentioned the luxurious Personal Pedicure spa from the renowned house of Kohler, and now they have done it again! This time they have given your bathroom an ambiance of royalty by presenting the Artist Editions Top Art Lavatories.

The Kohler Artist Editions Top Art Lavatories have brought the eastern splendor right into your conventional bathrooms. Each Top Art Under counter Lavatory makes use of geometric designs to create awesome effects. The collection varies, from the quite monochromatic Tog and Thel, to the magical eastern mosaics of the Marrajesh and the eternal beauty of the Indian Maharani. Each under counter lavatory accompanies a decorative countertop. With the Moorish inspired Marrajesh and the Maharani, there are even matching patterned faucets and counter tops.

Kohler has succeeded in creating a fancy world with the use of International essence. If you get one of these, be sure of spending more of your time in the bathroom dude!

Via: Luxurylaunches

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