Kohler’s Numi Comfort Height toilet gets enhanced with a Bluetooth, ambient lighting and more

Andrea Divirgilio / April 22, 2013

The kitchen and bathroom have been the main spaces where Kohler has innovated over the years, to provide state of the art gizmos, both exotic on looks and diversified functionality. We saw some of their products like the Cast Iron Bubble Massage, Art lavatories, and the C3 elongated toilet seat in the past, where they have always managed to tickle the minds of those who are willing to spend, and add glamor to their bathrooms spaces. In 2011, Kohler added a stronger element of technology with the Numi toilet, which included features like remote controlled multimedia. This time around they enhanced it by adding ambient lighting, bluetooth integration, and SD card reader for a more personalized experience. It has been named the Numi Comfort Height toilet.

Kohler Numi Comfort Height toilet has better multimedia enhancements this time around including ambient lighting

Kohler didn’t get idea through the blue. Brian Hedlund, the product manager for the toilet products division reveals, that the company has been getting feedback from the consumers for products like these, which have more of an ambient experience to their everyday task. That is the reason, why the technology and design factor have been given a booster with many additions. Some of the most quotable ones include the 7-color selection for ambient lighting which one can set as a static option or a different one each day of the week. Then there are foot and seat warmers, LCD touchscreen with control panel, dual flush technology with 0.6 gallon and 1.28 gallon per flush, and the addition of USB and SD card reading facilities to play personalized music during every use of the device.

Kohler Numi Comfort Height toilet control panel

However, the price for this techno-pumped Numi Comfort Height toilet from Kohler hasn’t been revealed officially. With the demand of an exotic toilet, we bet the one with extra cash to flaunt won’t think much on that front.

Via: Engadget/ Kohler

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