Koolhaus keeps a tight tab on your bathroom’s water consumption

Andrea Divirgilio / July 20, 2010

daniel dobrogorsky koolhaus

Combining classy design with high-end technology, most of the modern kitchen and bathroom fixtures these days are designed for the utmost convenience of the users. Designed by Daniel Dobrogorsky, the Koolhaus tap ware allows users to measure and monitor the accumulative water volume dispensed by each bathroom appliance during the day. The innovative concept has been designed especially to let users understand the value of water saving. Every appliance in the bathroom has its own flow rate device, which passes on the inflow water volume data to the Koolhaus. Then, the Koolhaus faucet displays water usage information on its convex LCD. This data is further sent to the user’s computer to keep a detailed log and review past water usage figures. Moreover, the Koolhaus features an infrared on/off sensor that makes sure every single drop of water is uses efficiently. This superb intersection of form and functionality is bound to attract admiring comments.

Via: Tuvie

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