Koreans Offer First 70in LCD TV For Retail

Andrea Divirgilio / June 13, 2007

70in lcd tv 12
We have seen most of the monstrous telly’s by now, from 60in, 70 inch to Technovision’s 205-inch Luxio LED HDTV. But, not all of them are meant for consumer market. But, Koreans now offer world’s first 70in LCD TV consumers can buy. Though the make of the 70in LCD TV is still unknown but there are 100 of them for sale at the Lotte Department store of South Korea. The 70-inch LCD is offered for sale at a whopping $63,484. So, those of you who are settling down with a rear projection TV for their home theaters, we would suggest please wait a bit more as this is just the beginning for the consumer market.

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