The Krug unveils new Champagne Sharing gift set

Andrea Divirgilio / September 25, 2012

The House of Krug illustrates the amazing adventure of a visionary, Joseph Krug, who understood that the essence of Champagne is pleasure itself, and wanted to offer his clients the ultimate pleasure experience in Champagne. This only House with Champagne that are all of equal, undisputed quality and distinction, is now delighted to announce the creation of ‘The Sharing Set’, which has been defined as a new gift set designed to perfect the experience of tasting and sharing Krug Champagne. This exclusively-new and elegant set actually invites Krug lovers to share a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée through two specially designed glasses by the House of Ridel, dubbed as ‘The Joseph’ after the visionary founder, Joseph Krug, a determined man with an uncompromising philosophy. However, we have also earlier seen some of the finest gift items for the Krug lovers, including the Harrods’ luxury Krug trunk costing $54,000, the Krug Escape Artist Champagne Trunk Collection.

The Krug unveils new Champagne Sharing gift set

The elegant ‘The Joseph’ glass actually required a multiplicity of test to perfect its design. Boasting pronounced curves, this glass made from a single piece is drawn out to form the foot, to provide an elegant hand-hold. Notably, it magnifies the incredible bouquet of Krug Champagne, and amplifies the facets of its scent and taste, expressing its aromas in all their subtlety.

Further, its ample shape enables the bubbles to reach their optimal expression and allows the Champagne to reach the ideal temperature for serving Krug: 9° Centigrade.

The bottle of Krug and the glasses are all encased in a lovely box which makes the Joseph Sharing set the perfect gift.

Besides, we have noticed that 1985 Vintage Krug champagne was used to create the Asia’s most expensive $26,000 cocktail, and the fine Krug Champagne is being exclusively offered at LVMH’s first ever White 1921 hotel in Saint-Tropez.

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