Krysalid’42 trimaran sails for a racing sum of $600,000

Andrea Divirgilio / September 1, 2008

krysalid 2 VMpAD 5784
If you insist on hitting it out on the blue waters boldly then Krysalid’42 trimaran is the vessel that you must sail on. Since trimarans are considered nearly unsinkable, even when filled with water, you can expect nothing but the most secured yet adventurous ride on this Krysalid cruiser. Sporting a folding mast that can be folded in two minutes, it intends to give more room on the large (42 foot) bridgedeck saloon. Offered in two different versions, they are designed for two different uses. The first is entirely designed for only for racing shows, while the second one is shaped for fast cruise racing.

krysalid 3 Uxxp4 5784
Tailing with a tag of 415 000 € ($606,600), Krysalid’42 can easily accommodate six to eight people.
krysalid 8 npLZP 5784

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