La Boite Concept unveils high fidelity speaker system for laptops

Andrea Divirgilio / November 26, 2010

la boite concept laptop dock ld 120

La Boite Concept, the French electro-acoustic research and development unit, has unveiled its latest offering, the LD 120. The Laptop Dock LD 120 is a docking station dedicated to laptop computers, allowing the convergence of new media with high fidelity. The LD 120 makes listening to music on your computer really easy. You just need to connect it to the USB cable. The built-in USB DAC converter (sound card) delivers hi-fi audio quality irrespective of your computer’s audio output. Moreover, the LD 120 is equipped with two auxiliary inputs, and you can use any other music player. The LD 120 is both a one-piece and a stereophonic hi-fi speaker system.

The company’s patent pending Wide Sound technology helps achieve wider stereo sound with crisp clear quality. The LD includes a 120-watt RMS amplifier, seven exclusively designed speakers, a traditional connector for any music player and a high-fidelity sound card. The four colors available in 8-layer piano lacquer are pure white, pure black, anthracite grey and bright red.

For optimal use of your computer, the natural leather desk pad comes insulated from the sub-woofer against vibration. The La Boite Concept LD 120 is available for €980 (about $1,300).

Via: Press kit

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