Most expensive La Fraicheur wine coolers are strictly meant for filthy rich

Andrea Divirgilio / January 7, 2009

la fraicheur wine cooler Oac8E 12 A true wine connoisseur knows the importance of perfect wine accessories to make it large, especially on occasion. And if you are one of those blessed souls who have remained undeterred from the recent economic meltdown, then this most expensive wine cooler is a luxury meant for you. La Fraicheur, an Amsterdam-based company, invented and sells these most expensive wine coolers available worldwide. The wine coolers feature an opulent make encrusted with diamonds and crystals. The La Fraicheur cooler is an asset on the table due to its compact design and unique functionality. The product is available in different finishes in limited editions for a price ranging from €10.000 to €100.000. Check out the video after jump. Via: ProductPage

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