La Grande Castine hornspeakers: Heavy cost for quality music

Andrea Divirgilio / October 7, 2009

la grande castine loudspeaker
Hornspeakers aren’t always grand, and if you’ve been regular here you’ll abide by the fact. Yet, when the hornspeaker is done like the La Grande Castine, it is grand and sophisticated too. A very high-end 3-way full horn loudspeaker for home use this, delivers in the 108dB range and features a very large sweetspot (because all the horns are time aligned). Measuring 2m x 92cm x 1.20m in size and weighing heavy at 130kg, the La Grande Castine speakers can reach real high acoustic level with only a 3 watt amplifier. To be priced at about $100,000 in the US, we haven’t got much on this speaker system yet, but yes the images are good for now.

Thanks, Hugues

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