Lacroix Ultime Diamond and Gold Skis

Andrea Divirgilio / February 11, 2009

diamond skis GtS6z 12

Lacroix Ultime Skis are meant for the affluent skiers who love to flaunt them as flashy status symbols at the resorts. Though the Lacroix Ultime skis have been around for quite some time now, when we spotted them at Sybarites, we found them worthy of a mention here. The Lacroix skis are available in 10 different models in a selection of veneers with carvings. Each of the Ultime skis feature a white gold inscription and stamped with a pattern 750 white gold encrusted thousandth of four diamonds by Philippe Tournaire. The skis feature a wooden core with titanium edges. The Lacroix Ultime skis are available exclusively from the Philippe Tournaire store on the Place Vendôme in Paris.

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