Ladoga releases Fabergé-inspired eggs onto the UK market filled with premium vodka

Andrea Divirgilio / January 17, 2012

In the luxury beverage world, wines and whiskies have traditionally ruled the roost, when it came to grabbing the eye balls and commanding a premium pricing. Now, the focus seems to have tiled in the favor of beverages like Vodka, which isn’t just a neutral flavored alcoholic drink for cocktails anymore. Like the wines and whiskeys, there has been a category of Vodka, which has managed to become collectors’ items and have commanded a premium pricing as well. Now Russian company Ladoga has managed to create a series of ultra-premium vodka bottles, which have been cased inside Faberge inspired eggs, with colors inspired from naturally occurring minerals. Golden gilding is there too!

Ladoga Imperial Vodka in Faberge inspired eggs

For those that may recall, Carl Faberge had created series of unique eggs, with multiple jeweled options. Inspired from the same design, the Russian company decided to create its own series casings, which will have a bottle of premium vodka, and 4 specially designed Venetian glasses to drink it. We are also told that each of these eggs, have been looked into by the same person who has served the Vatican for more than 30 years. When one looks at the 24-karat gold work on the outer part of the casing, one knows the hard work and the precise craftsmanship that’s gone into it.

Hopefully, what’s inside the bottle is known to be as good. With home grown white and rye in Russia, water from Lake Ladoga is taken during the fermentation process of this beverage. Being the largest freshwater lake in Europe, the water in it is known to have special properties which get infused into the Vodka. Also, the filtering process is known to be equally cumbersome; the vodka is filtered through birch charcoal 5 times, before going through quartz sand and even algae. Until we get samples, we won’t know what difference it all makes, but it sure must be making the vodka connoisseurs hunt for it. Guess the price range of $4,000-8,616 shouldn’t deplete their demand either. Instead they would be happy as these eggs are available in 11 different color combinations to choose from.

Ladoga Imperial Vodka color options

Also, do check out some premium vodka varieties in our listing of the world’s most expensive vodkas. Seems like the wines and whiskies out to get tough competition from these special bottles.

Via: Kamcity/ Ladoga

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