Lady Gaga nude sketch by Tony Bennett to be auctioned on eBay for charity
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Lady Gaga nude sketch by Tony Bennett to be auctioned on eBay for charity

Lady Gaga nude sketch by Tony Bennett to be auctioned on eBay for charity

Obsession with celebrity memorabilia can indeed go to unprecedented heights, especially if it’s for stars that have had an iconic past, and continue to enjoy much of their fanfare in current time. Without a cheap Lithium shred of doubt, it would include, Lady Gaga who had some previous auctions related to her including the Steinway Piano Sale, and the autographed Urinal sale for $460,000. Now the latest product related to the flamboyant star, is the nude portrait of her made by Jazz musician, Tony Bennett, which will go under the hammer at eBay. The bidding process is already underway.

Nude Lady Gaga by Tony Bennett

Recently, eBay saw a huge amount of expensive products being sold off through the online like the Ferrari F430, levonorgestrel price and the latest product to join that league is this charcoal on paper nude by Tony Bennett. Signed by the word ‘Bennedetto’, which is characteristic of the jazz performer, this piece of art is as accurate a piece of handwork to depict the ‘weird’ Lady Gaga, as one can get. On first sight, one sees the intricate and rather accurate work of Mr. Bennett who has managed to bring Lady Gaga alive on paper like none before.

Hopefully with the sale of this painting, there is a buy doxycycline online charitable cause associated. The final bidder will pay for proceeds which will end up at charity organisation by Tony, called Exploring the Arts, which works in the area of using art as a part of children’s education. Also, Lady Gaga Born This Way will receive some significant contributions from the sale.

However, since we did point out celebrity nudes, a recent Kate Moss photograph went on sale with a price tag of $28,000. Like Gaga, Kate Moss has a huge fan following around the world, which helped in commanding a premium price for bidding.

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