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Lady Gaga recuperating from her hip surgery in a 24-carat gold wheelchair

Andrea Divirgilio / March 14, 2013

Back when we reported on a Swarovski-studded wheelchair, we seriously believed it won’t figure in the craziest splurges even of the one percent wealthy, only to be proven wrong. After a hip surgery when most people are looking to stay indoors and recover, Lady Gaga kept up to her reputation of being outlandish by showing up in a gold plated wheelchair. While recovering from an infection in her hip joint, called Sinovitis, she commissioned a wheel chair laden in 24-karat gold to make a style statement which no one else would perhaps think of under the given circumstances. Being made via different components sourced from all over the United States, jewelry designer Ken Borochov from Mordekai had only a week’s notice to design the chair, which boasts of high grade leather upholstery and a removable canopy in its design.

Lady GaGa wheelchair

Since the order was from Lady Gaga, it definitely needed to be something which no one else would otherwise think of, especially in the looks department. The particular chair was made from parts sourced from various makers across the states, and the 24-gold plating was done by the designer evening last Sunday. He worked with 1.5 ounces of gold, which he then plated on the chair to give it a ‘Midas touch’, or rather, a ‘Gaga touch’. Borochov who launched his label only 2 years ago, has built quite a reputation in the industry and Lady Gaga came in with her demand. Initially he also admits that it was meant to look like a throne but in the end, a slightly more sophisticated look but with tuffed black leather upholstery was made.

Lady Gaga's gold wheelchair

The Israel born designer also goes on to say that he was unsure whether the ‘Born this way’ star would actually use it, but it seems she has taken a liking to it. There have been some pictures in the media where Lady Gaga has been seen moving around in that gold bathed wheelchair. Seems Borochov will have more visits from the likes of Kayne West and Nicki Minaj, who have previously been on his client list.

Lady Gaga's gold wheelchair

Via: Daily Beast/ USA Today

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