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Lady Gaga Tea cup goes on auction for charity

Andrea Divirgilio / May 2, 2012

Lady Gaga Tea cup goes on auction for charity

If you are celebrity and a world famous one at that, everything you do, it seems, becomes worth its weight in gold. Lady Gaga is one of them. Known for whacky hairdos and an outrageous sense of dressing, the singer will now have one of her most beloved possessions go under the hammer soon for charity. We had earlier covered other items from Gaga’s personal collection, including Lady Gaga’s Steinway Piano, the orb head piece, and Lady Gaga’s autographed urinal – which went up for grabs. This time around it’s a tea-cup that the rich and famous of the world will get a chance to bid for. The fans have already offered $50,000 for the piece.

Lady Gaga at the function

What exactly makes the tea-cup so much pricey is the very fact that the poker-faced singer had raised it to her lips during a press conference in Japan last year. Gaga was reportedly seen sipping from the about-to-be auctioned tea cup at a fund raising conference following Japan’s devastating Tsunami and earthquake.

Gaga signed cup

Interestingly, the singer has always had an extra something for tea cups. In 2009, Gaga had kicked up a stink over a tea-cup which she reportedly forgot at a restaurant. She refused to drink out of anything else, insider sources claimed. Gaga’s love affair with tea-cups, however, does not end here. In another occasion, the 23 year old actor was seen performing at an event, all dressed up like, guess- well, a tea-cup. While the singer remains tight-lipped about her eccentric fondness of tea-cups, she is, at least, not as much discreet about the contents there-in. Ginger tea- that’s what you can find her sipping more often than not from saucers.

After reading that, we won’t be surprised if an eccentric gaga fan decides to spend millions over a simple tea-cup. The proceeds will be used to support young Japanese artists willing to hone their craft abroad. Let us see then whose cup of tea, it is.Place your bid now.

UPDATE: Lady Gaga’s teacup and saucer fetched $75,300.

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