Lamborghini Diablo GT
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Lamborghini Diablo GT

Lamborghini Diablo GT

Lamborghini Diablo GT is a super sports luxury car from the stable of the Italian car making company Lamborghini. The car is an exotic vehicle as Lamborghini is famous for exotics. The Diablo GT is a monster with a powerful V 12 engine and is replaced by the more powerful and advanced Murcielago. The Diablo GT is based on the iconic Lamborghini Countach, which was phased out in late 1980s after a successful stint of a few years. The Diablo GT is a two door coupe and it is one of the best Lamborghinis to rule the streets.


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The interior of the Lamborghini Diablo GT is quite exciting and is done up in bright two tone color schemes, which makes the interior look bright. The dash board, steering wheel and the buttons are made of carbon fiber and the brake and clutch pedals are made of aluminum to keep the weight in check. There is ample space behind the front seats to accommodate luggage and the car is spacious enough for a six foot tall man to ride with ease. The car is a mid engine car and this designing property helps in maintaining a low center of gravity. Overall the car is very luxurious from the inside.


Lamborghini is famous for its features and the Diablo GT is no exception, with features ranging from frontal air bags to parking sensors, the GT is one of the most luxurious roadsters in the world. The car has a GPS device, a monitor with bright displays, a tachometer and the speedometer. The advanced suspension of the car makes even the tough rides seem easy and the car has an advanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The steering wheel mounted electronic controls monitor everything from the air conditioner to the climate control and the music system.


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The Lamborghini Diablo GT is a sports coupe and is designed on the Gran Turismo platform. The front of the vehicle is straight forward to allow the best air passage and the rear wing balances the car and adjusts the down force so that the car remains excessively stable even at speeds exceeding 200 mph. The aluminum chassis and the carbon fiber side shafts helps keep the weight to a minimum and as a result help the car gain a massive top speed of 212 mph. The car is available in yellow, orange, blue, silver, black and white colors.

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