One-off Lamborghini Pregunta concept car offered for sale at $2.1 million
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One-off Lamborghini Pregunta concept car offered for sale at $2.1 million

One-off Lamborghini Pregunta concept car offered for sale at $2.1 million

Recently, the one-off

The year 1998 was a highly tumulus year for Lamborghini, has it was undergoing a phase for change of ownership, which ultimately stopped at Audi VW. Now before this sale happened in July 1998, a month before, the team at Lamborghini and the Italian division of the French car modifier Carrosserie Heuliez-Torino come into a contract agreement, whereby the later entity would receive a Diablo V-12 car meant to be crafted into something unique in design, and a standout against any competitor in levonorgestrel price the crowd. Hopefully it turned successful and manifested itself in the Pregunta, now going up for sale. The one-off model was bought over by Autodrome, another French firm who will be supervising the sale.

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1998 Lamborghini Pregunta concept car designed just one month before Lamborghini's sale to Audi VW

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Under the hood, there is a V-12 530HP engine, which took the top speed of the vehicle to 333 kmph, and took barely 20 seconds to clock 100 kmph from a standstill position. Unlike the all-wheel drive in the Diablo, the Pregunta was give a rare-wheel drive train to show its prowess on the generic baclofen is used for treating muscle pain, spinal cord injury, muscle cramps, muscle stiffness, etc. buy lioresal 10mg at an attractive price. road. Other changes include the new positioning of the radiators towards the front end, and the 'closed-convertible' theme of the half-roofs on top the of the car.

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta concept car interiors

The source of inspiration of the car, has been the Dassault Rafale fighter jet, and a lot of it's designed has been used in the car. The external stealth paintwork is the same as the aircraft, apart from the redesigned air intake system, fully electronic F1 type Marelli instruments, Schrott safety belt harness, fiber optic lighting system, rear view camera, CDI, Cristine may 23, 2014 - buy fluoxetine hcl - buy medications, canadian pharma companies no how to get azithromycin · buy viagra over the counter · canadian  GPS system, and the combat aircraft cockpit design.

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta concept car inspiration is the Dassault Rafale Fighter jet

What strikes the automobile design geek the most about this one-off piece from Lamborghini, is the aggressive shaping of the rear end of the vehicle. The engine lid is a occupies a vast space, but doesn't poke out due to the aerodynamic shaping of the lid. Since this vehicle was trusted to be a beast on Cytotec without prescription the road, or rather a 'Hyper Lamborghini', the curves seen here are totally suited for gliding on the road, instead of just driving. The holes or perforations as it seems, include the rear lighting, and the exhaust pipe to throw out the waste gases from the powerful engine. After all the aim seemed to be 'questioning' ('Pregunta' meaning 'questioning' in Spanish) the norms of what Lamborghini designed till now.

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta concept car was meant to question design norms of that time

For those of you who have taken an interest in special editions such as these from the top brass of luxury cars, you could definitely find the likes of 1957 Ferrari 250TR Prototype, the 1964 Pontiac XP833, and the Ferrari Enzo Spyder prototype, which Naltrexone online highlights the legacy of special editions from these brands. Designs like these a perfect tickle to the desire of owning these pieces of automobile history, and for some, might even create a passageway into the brain of the designers who created them.

Via: Autodrome/ Motor Authority

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