Lamborghini Urraco

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Top Speed
163 (mph)

Lamborghini Urraco was introduced by Lamborghini, the legendary Italian automobile maker, as a premium sports car. The car was first introduced to the public in an auto show held in Turin, in 1970. But they formally brought the car in the market in 1973. The car was in production till 1979. In total, Ferrari built 791 Urraco cars. It was a 2+2 coupe and was designed to be a sports car. For the American market a special lineup of Urraco was built, labeled as Urraco PIII. To comply with the strict emission norms of America, PIIIs had engines with lesser horsepower, to lower down the final emission. Some of the later models of Ferrari, such as Silhouette and Jalpa, were actually inspired by Urraco.Altogether Ferrari wanted to introduce an optimum sports car with Urraco. Initially some minor drawbacks were found in the car, but the Ferrari team quickly jumped in to eradicate those shortcomings. The cool design and features of the car laid foundation for some other Ferrari cars, launched in the later years.


The rear wheel drive car was powered by an 8-valve 90 degree engine. Most of engine parts were built with the combination of light alloy material and aluminum. The cylinder capacity was around 2995.8 cc. It had 86×64.5 bore and stroke. Compression ratio of the engine was around 10: 5.1. It could deliver a maximum power of 260 British horsepower (bhp) at around 7500 revolutions per minute (rpm). Maximum torque was about 201 lbs/ft at 3500 revolutions per minute. Bosch 235 P21 plugs were used in the engine. Fuel consumption was around 20.7 liter per 100 Km.

It was rolled out as a premium grade high performance sports car. It could achieve a top speed of 260 Km/h, which was good enough for its time. In just 5.6 seconds it could touch 100 Km/h speed from static. It had a massive 80 liter fuel tank, which made it ideal for a long cruise on the road. There was a very efficient cooling system in the car, which is a requisite for long and exhaustive tours.


The interiors of Urraco were that of a sports car. It had Rack & pinion type steering. A lot of leather work could be found in the comfortable seats. Electric window system was installed in the car, a feature which was not very common at that time. Air conditioning system was also available.


Let’s first have a look at the external dimension of Urraco. Its wheelbase was around 2450 mm. Overall length, width and height was 4285, 1740 and 1160 mm respectively. The front track was around 1450 mm and the rear track is 1470 mm. The ground clearance was about 150 mm. Front and rear overhang was 1000 and 835 mm respectively. The body and structure of Urraco was basically made up of steel. Front and rear tyre sizes were 195/70 VR 14 and 205/70 VR 14 respectively. Both front and rear rims were of 7.5×14inches in size. Campagnolo cast magnesium was used in the rims, for extra durability and sturdiness.