Lamborghini’s Limited-Edition Coffeemaker For Classic Coffee

Andrea Divirgilio / April 16, 2007

lamborghini coffeemaker 12
If you are a coffee-person like Lorelai Gilmore then you know the importance of a nicely-brewed coffee. But, you don’t have to go to Pope Tate’s (or at Luke’s) to treat yourself to a coffee-cafe like taste. Rev up fabulous coffee at your home with a nice coffee machine. We have told you about finest of products from different brands earlier too including the Diva Espresso Machine from Bugatti. And, now another one comes from Lamborghini. Lamborghini’s limited-edition coffeemaker – the Tonino Lamborghini coffee machine. The hand built machine is available to just 1,000 machines. The stylish design looks even more elegant in Beluga black with stainless steel parts and the automaker’s iconic bull logo on the front panel marks its opulence. The coffee machine sells for around $1750.

lamborghini coffee 12
And Lamborghini even roasts their own coffee beans to make your coffee outstanding in every way!!

via Luxist

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