Largest D-color flawless diamond sells for nearly £8 million

Andrea Divirgilio / November 16, 2007

d color flawless diamond

Last month, we were talking about one of the world’s largest brilliant-cut D-color flawless diamond, which was up for auction at Sotheby’s ‘Magnificent Jewels’ in Geneva. Now, the white diamond has been sold for £7.8 million to George Marciano, the founder of Guess Jeans. At more than 84.37 carats, this is the world’s largest and purest round or brilliant cut diamond to be sold at an auction. Graded as D-Color, the diamond fetched £93,800 a carat. Marciano plans to call it Chloe Diamond after his daughter. Millionaires do take pleasure in watching the lire of some matchless stones.

via Metro

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