Last Minute Halloween Gifts for 2012
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Last Minute Halloween Gifts for 2012

Last Minute Halloween Gifts for 2012

Halloween is just around the corner, and though most of you might already have gifts all wrapped up, house all decked up with scary looking Halloween stuff, but it's not too late to take a look at the last minute gift ideas for Halloween to add spooky details to your haunted set-up for the Halloween bash. Take a look for your spooky pick your favorite!

Halloween Gifts

1) Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

Skull Toilet Holder

Enhance your bathroom just as your deck with the Halloween toilet paper holder. The spooky paper holder sells for

Cannibal Confections delicious Chocolate Skulls are the perfect treat for Halloween bash. The life-sized Belgian chocolate skulls are all hand cast from an authentic human cranium mold, no two skulls are exactly alike. Each one-of-a-kind skull sells for $300 and comes complete with a personalized certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

3) Dorothy's 'Wizard of Oz' dress

'Wizard of Oz' dress

Dressing-up like a pumpkin or a Super Mario is so passé. Dress-up like the celebrities do at their private Halloween parties. Believed to be the most expensive Halloween costume, Judy Garland’s 'Wizard of Oz' dress is the flavor of the year. Though the auction is slated to be held in California, from Nov. 9th to 10th., this is one for keeps for the next year Halloween party. The

The other celebrity Halloween costume ideas includes supermodel Heidi Klum and ex-husband musician’s "Planet of the Apes" costumes, and most recently, Heidi Klum’s 2012 “Cleopatra” costume. The supermodel tweeted to declare her all-time favorite Halloween ensemble, "My Visible Woman costume is my all-time favorite!” The extravagant gold gown designed by costume designer Martin Izquierdo is styled with crystal-covered headpiece and a feathered cape.

Kim Kardashian Halloween costume

Kim Kardashian, dressed up as a sexy mermaid for Halloween complete with a $2,000 wig.

4) RJ-Romain Jerome Skull Watch

RJ-Romain Jerome Skull Watch

For those who don’t want to sacrifice the style quotient for spooky Halloween accessories,

British Fine artists duo Fantich & Young have the perfect spooky wardrobe with their ‘Predator’ shoes which feature teeth for soles and a suit made of human hair!

Predator Teeth Shoes

The ‘Apex Predator Shoes,’ comes complete with 1500 dentures on the soles. The “Apex Predator Suit,” features a black fur jacket and pants made of human hair with glass eyes as buttons.

Apex Predator Suit

The husband-and-wife team derived the inspiration from Charles Darwin’s theory of evolutionn. The artists revealed that they got the teeth for their artwork from China. The shoes are not available for sale, but the artists say they are taking pre-orders for similar pairs that would cost approx. $2,400 for the style.

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