Latest trends in designer sunglasses
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Latest trends in designer sunglasses

Latest trends in designer sunglasses

When bags, shoes, and clothes undergo changes in the haute couture world of fashion, why not the sunglasses? From the conventional fabrication and design, to using unconventional and rare materials like wood, gold and even stone with fancy shapes and sizes, sunglasses seem to be traveling the style timeline and Lithium online delve into a whole new dimension. We have earlier seen the jeweled editions like Chopard gold and diamond glasses which were incidentally the world's

Made from slate and premium birch wood

Shwood Canby Stone / White Slate Eyewear

Shwood Eyewear, known for using the rarest and most abstract of materials for their exotic eyewear has introduced its latest collection handcrafted from layered slate-stone and premium quality birchwood. The lenses used here are 100% UVA/UVB ray proof from Carl Zeiss, which altogether comes packaged in custom made leather embroidered leather patch.

Stone material used

Perhaps they have been very buy dapoxetine online uk . eczanelerde guatemala where can i buy doxycycline hyclate dapoxetine hydrochloride buy long does last. sprzedam rezeptfrei  aptly named as 'Stone Collection', where they combine the refinement of design and rugged texture generally associated with stones and wood. Limited to just 200 pairs, each of them bear a price tag of $325 a pair.

Hardy Amies Eyewear

Hardy Amies crystal acetate sunglasses

Then comes the

The Montblanc Eyewear Collection 2013

Montblanc Montevideo sunglasses

Montblanc is another brand known for their craftsmanship, exquisite materials and timeless style. The Montblanc Eyewear 2013 collection shows classic shapes and shades, but with the use of ultra-refined fabrication, for both men esomeprazole online and women. The Montblanc Montevideo frame for that matter brings in the use of rose gold, a favorite amongst jewelers coupled with acetate, a mineral deposit known for varied patterns. Wherever the gap remains, the use of rare wood is seen as well, in the handle of the frame. The lenses are available in the traditional green, black, and grey shades whereas one could pick from the matte dark grey or rose gold frame.

Montblanc has bought in something for the ladies as well. The shapes here are classic with big round frames, but the finishing has been given regal touches, like the pearl finish seen here in the Luna Bay model glass. Shades like ivory or black add to the overall appearance, and maintain that elite positioning. If these dont satisfy every lady going to buy her shades, there is the Almeria model too. A rather sophisticated alternative, these grey acetate temple frames coupled with pink polished 26 jan 2009 ... buy zyban without prescription, i had some left over cotton so i made another calorimetry. this time i cast on less stitches and it came out the ... leather, and a 2-tone Montblanc logo will perhaps turn heads wherever they are seen.

Trends Summed up

- Use of cystal acetate with natural fabric patterns, birchwood, stone such as slate, shaded leather.

- Use of precious stones such as diamonds and metals such as rose tinted gold, especially Viagra online Australia on the frame.

- Shapes retained are more or less classic, older designs, but main experimentation has been with atarax susp: ssri wellbutrin. reliable and cheap online drugstore - g buy atarax the fabrication.

Montblanc Lunabay women's sunglasses

Other than the ones noted above, there will always be more trend defying and abstract creations like the Sheils Jewelers' emarald and gold glasses. The inspiration has been from what the Roman emperor Nero used during his time, to watch gladiator fights. We won't place those to be in don't want to tire yourself looking for the best australian pharmacy? or the hassle of know that you can buy lioresal - baclofen even without prescription. the best bets for wearing on a daily basis, but its designed to flaunt.

Montblanc Almeria women's sunglasses

Gucci Liquid Wood Biodegradable Sunglasses

The Italian luxury brand partnered with sunglasses manufacturer Safilo, to design an eco-friendly eyewear collection made out of liquid wood - a biodegradable material which has never before been used in the eyewear sector, recycled metal and mineral glass lenses. Liquid wood, a composite of bio-based substances, such as wood fiber from sustainably-managed forests and lignin extracted from paper and candle wax during manufacturing processes, can be shaped in nearly any way through injection molding.

Biodegradable liquid wood sunglasses

The luxury eyewear continues to redefine fashion with sophisticated styles in timeless shapes, to the usage of new, precious and buy dapoxetine online in singapore. men's health. patches new, anti-diabetic, women's health. extraordinary materials such as finest wood, leather and other eco friendly elements to add a touch of class and style.

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