Laura Chavin Cigar Humidor: Perfect gift for the cigar aficionado

Andrea Divirgilio / October 12, 2011

Laura Chavin Cigars humidor

Only a true cigar connoisseur knows that there is no better place to store a costly cigar than a classy humidor. So, if you are amongst the expensive cigar lovers and thinking to splurge on a humidor the new “Humid’or” series by Laura Chavin Cigars will preserve your cigars in style. The company known for its range of luxury cigars, says, “Cigar matures on its own and to preserve the quality of any cigar, we need to keep a check on the temperature it is being preserved in.” This cigar humidor is the first humidor that adjusts the climate for months.

Laura Chavin Cigars humidor

Laura Chavin humidor is developed by experts to keep the temperature constant through the unique methodology of selective temperature control system inspired by its centuries old vaults at its headoffice, where the superior premium cigars are stored in massive cedar wood shelves in absolutely perfect conditions. The humidors are equipped with special sensors that can measure both the temperature and relative humidity and preserve cigars accordingly. These humidors are handmade in Germany and built in two sizes Humidor Petite with the capacity of 280 cigars and Humidor Grand with the capacity of storing 500 cigars. Each Humidor can be custom made according to the customer’s specification. This new range of humidors start at a price of $25,500 approx.

Laura Chavin Cigars humidor

The company has also come up with a range of stylish and elegant cigar case especially for the rich travelers. These travel cases are also called pocket humidor as these can fit easily in your pocket. This collection is named as maison des cigares.

The cases can self adjust the temperature and provide adequate moisture to the cigar. These cigar cases are handmade by the company and are limited in numbers. Humidors are available in many different finishes like calf skin, bison, crocodile leather and shark leather. Each process is intricately done by hand as the leather is cut, tucked, sewed up and pulled over the corpus.

The humidors are available in many different colors and can be customized according to the customer’s need. The cigar is pulled out of the case very smoothly almost like a sledge. A high quality sponge along with the fourfold suction capacity continually provide distilled water to the maison des cigares so that it can maintain a proper moisture. The humidor is equipped with adjustment wheel that allows a regular flow of humidity even when the outer temperature is changed.

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Via: Laura Chavin

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