Le Grand Reve: Chicago’s most expensive home to go on auction
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Le Grand Reve: Chicago’s most expensive home to go on auction

Le Grand Reve: Chicago’s most expensive home to go on auction

Le Grande Reve Mansion

Listed Price: $ 32 million

The property: A 27,000 sq ft mansion, also called the Winnetka Chateau, reportedly has 26 rooms and a living area with artistry of French architecture and interior decorations. The idea of the property was taken from Chateau Villandry in Loire Valley, France.

Currently owned by investment company owner CEO Sherwin Jarol and his wife, Deborah, the mansion reportedly cost $40 million to decorate and furnish, but instead buy esomeprazole of selling at a profit, it has diminished in value of listed price, and according to some real estate agents, the actual listing price could go down to $23 million. Some of the amenities of the property include powder and gift wrapping room, spa, home theater room, swimming pool, apart from the 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms meant exclusively for owner’s use. There is also a 10-car garage space for vehicle parking.

Physical Address: 68, Locust Road, Winnetka, Illinois, United States 60093

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The setting: The setting is a Chateau style setup, which has separate areas for every activity one could pamper oneself with. Though criticized for being ‘overdone’ and ‘overpriced’, there is an extensive and detailed designing done according to French styles, the credit for which goes to the Landry Design Group. On the outset, it has a very strong appeal which one could reminiscent to those shown in Hollywood movies.

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Fact box: Cytotec cheap Will be sold through an auction process which will have only registered bidders and agents participating. These participants will have to deposit a sum of $250,000 before the auctioning begins, to ensure their participation.

Interiors & exteriors: Has detailed styling of décor and generous use of champagne gold color within several rooms, and also the use of rare polished wood in some areas like the library. The main entrance area has a dome which is known to be Tiffany stained and has 2 artistic stairwells with black railings leading to the upper floor. Some areas like the spa are almost a sharp contrast with more modern design and decoration.

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Contacts: Concierge Auctions

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