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LED Tiles For Your Bathroom

Andrea Divirgilio / July 26, 2006

led tiles

If you need to wake-up in the nights for the nature’s-call, then you might have toppled over at times due to sleepiness and most of the time due to your unlit bathroom. Then instead of bugging-up your partner in the middle of night, get LED Tiles installed in your bathroom. Steuler Tile of Germany has introduced a luxury line of ceramics featuring LED’s, primarily for decorative purposes that could serve your purpose just right! The tiles come embedded with LED lights that can be embedded on floors, walls, or ceilings as per your preference. The LED tiles are available in blue, yellow or white color. The luminescent tiles will not just lighten-up your bathroom beautifully but will make sure you never had a fall atleast in bathroom due to dark!! Many of our friends have really interesting opinions about these LED Tiles. Read them over at Gizmodo, Ubergizmo and TreeHugger.

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