Leon Verres Le Billionaire Champagne is the most expensive bottle of all times

Andrea Divirgilio / April 6, 2009

le billionaire champagne

Calling all the uber-rich champagne lovers! Leon Verres luxury group has proudly announced the creation of “Le Billionaire Champagne,” the most expensive and most exclusive champagne of all times. This 2.75 million dollar Salmanazar bottle of the “Le Billionaire Champagne” series contains nine liters and is the most precious bottle of Champagne of all times. The bottle wears an expensive designer dress and is festooned with several hundred sparkling diamonds. To top that, the bottle has a Russian fur cap called ‘Shapka’. Only five exclusive bottles of champagne will enter the market and will be entitled ‘Piece of history’. True to the name, these bottles do make history. Billionaires from Russia, Dubai and China have already bought the Champagne of Leon Verres, so only one example of the precious Salmanazar-bottles is available now. One you open the bottle, the elegant aroma of the ‘Le Billionaire Champagne’ comes out and pleases the person with full flavor of fruity honey. Whitethorn and vanilla replenish the flovor with a flowery note.

le billionaire champagne 2

I know you must be feeling a bit disappointed as only one bottle is available. Fret not as Leon Verres has also created an alternative that is just as luxurious as the Le Billionaire Champagne. It’s the 0.75 liter miniature version of the “Le Billionaire Champagne” available for 2,750 dollars. The removable designer dress, stylish packing and a multitude of valuable crystals makes sure that the miniature-edition of the most expensive Champagne of all times is equally imposing as the bigger one. Leon Verres says:

After years of hard work finally it is done! Finally I’m having my “Le Billionaire Champagne” in my hands and I am completely overwhelmed. Still a few years ago I would not have dared to dream of being the creator of the most expensive champagne of all times someday.

The final exemplar of the ‘Le Billionaire Champagne’ will be presented to the world public within scope of the Le Billionaire Champagne World Tour and will be sold at an auction for a noble cause. Via: Prlog/Leon Verres

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