Leonardo Del Vecchio

Net Worth :$ 20.4 Billion
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Born on: 22nd May 35
Born in: Italy
Marital status: Married
Occupation: Fashion and Life style
Born Leonardo Del Vecchio has an estimated net worth of $20.4 billion as of April 2014 according to Forbes. 75 years old and the second richest man in Italy, Leonardo Del Vecchio is a self made man with a net worth of $11 billion, making him listed as 71st richest by Forbes Fortune Global 2011. He is the founder and president of Luxottica, a very well run company that produces its own glasses and is the world leader in the eyeglass universe. Born to an impoverished Milanese family in 1935, Fatherless Leonardo Del Vecchio, at the age of seven lived under the care of nuns in an orphanage. Del Vecchio at the age of 14 started supporting his family by working as an apprentice to a tool manufacturer in Milan. Later, he began studying industrial design in the evening along with work in the day time. Leonardo eventually became passionate about eye glass frames and moved to Agordo, a valley that concentrates all the players of the eye glass industry. Later, with his 6 years of work and experience, Leonardo decides to move into the business of assembly glasses. Further, to expand his founded company Luxottica, he took an important decision to develop his own line of exclusive eye wear and used research to become a leader in the field. Del Vecchio’s futuristic vision to control every step of the eye-glass manufacturing process along with his strategic business decisions, led his Luxottica Group to begin possible acquisitions in the distribution and retail field. Luxottica gradually took over famous Italian brands like Vogue, Persol, Lens Crafters followed by acquiring Ray-Ban, an iconic American brand. Slowly, Luxottica has been acquiring all major eye-glass including the recently bought Oakley for $2.1 billion. Luxottica also manufacturers for biggest luxury brands including Ferragamo, Chanel, Versace, Prada, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, and DKNY.

Leonardo Del Vecchio Yachts ( 1 )


Moneikos yacht

owned by
Leonardo Del Vecchio
Leonardo Del Vecchio

Leonardo Del Vecchio owns a sizeable 62 meter long luxury motor yacht, Moneikos, the name refers to the Greek word Moneikos which is often considered as the origin of the current name of Monaco.


Accommodation: Created by Codecasa yachts in 2006, Moniekos is a five leveled beautiful yacht, and is able to accommodate up to 14 people on board and has space for 16 qualified crew members. Guests can reach each of the five decks via an internal lift or by stairs. The accommodation boasts four VIP suites, three twin bedded cabins plus the owner cabin with double bed delivering 180 degree visibility over the bow. The top deck is more than a generous lounging area, featuring an oversized pool.


Features: Moniekos wider design collaboration came from Studio Dellarole and Codecasa, and yacht’s elegant interior design is done by design firm Studio Dellarole and Studio Dedalo. Made with aluminum, Moniekos is powered by two responsive caterpillar diesel engines and ca cruise at the speed of 18 knots.

The superyacht

One of the most luxurious superyachts of the world

The top most deck

A unique and charm lounging area can be found on the top deck around the oversized pool

Spiral staircase

Guests and owner can reach any floor through an internal lift or by stairs

The spacious saloons

Moneikos offers two spacious saloons, first one is on the main deck and the other on the upper deck

The owner's suite

Beautiful yacht also offers number of guest cabins, four double cabins and three twin cabins

Moniekos Yacht

The yacht has been described as one of the best in class.
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