Lexus GS 450h Sedan

$ 58.95 Thousand
Top Speed

The GS 450 H competes with the best in the midsized sedans segment consisting of high-end car makers like Audi, BMW and Mercedes. With a potent engine, sporting suspension and the availability of a customized F-SPORT edition, the GS qualifies as the penultimate choice for a sporting sedan. Moreover, the availability of alternatives like an all-wheel-drivetrain and a fusion drivetrain augment a further level of flexibility to the brand value of the car. The GS 450 H has been endowed with a brand-new bodywork and a house full of latest hi-tech gadgets and expensive embellishments. Popular features include modernized energy proficient weather control systems, Bluetooth connectivity and cutting-edge direct injection engine. The 2013 edition of the GS 450H showcases the Japanese carmaker’s attempt to capture the mid-sized sports sedan industry.


All cars that have sporting pretenses, ought to have a worthy engine too. Thankfully, the GS 450’s engine justifies its billing of being a true sports car engine. It consist of a 3.5 liter unit that dishes out a sumptuous 306 horsepower. The engine comprises four valves for every cylinder used, changeable valve timers and direct injection. The Lexus manages to clock 60 miles per hour from a standstill position in 5.7 seconds and averages a decent 23 mpg in combined highway and city driving conditions. The engine is connected to a world class automatic transmission, integrating numerous attractive features adopted from the IS-F high performing sports like a Sport mode and Sport Plus modes. The Sport mode enables a more belligerent throttle response, and Sport Plus complements a more stiff suspension setting.

Thanks to the improved suspension settings, as the shifting gears downwards happen automatically now and upward shifts occur with less reluctance. The transmission has numerous approaches, including an Eco-setup that reviews the throttle charting and weather control systems for a more fuel effective journey.

The highpoint of the GS 450h is its proficient hybrid power-train. The GS 350′s 3.5-liter V6 engine works with a couple of generators and a 240-cell metal (nickel) hydride battery to achieve an aggregate of 338 horsepower, while a C.V.T transmits power to the back wheels.


The GS 450H is available with customized-leather furnishing and bamboo finishing, along with ten-way power-variable heated and ventilated front seats, warmed steering wheel, sunroof, an eight-inch high-resolution multimedia screen display, a twelve-speaker audio system, a variable suspension system with automatic tremor absorbers, headlamp cleaners and a windshield deicer, programmed dual zone climate control, cruise control, a USB audio device, Bluetooth phone connectivity with acoustic streaming, high definition radio with iTunes cataloging, and a backup camera.


The GS 450 H also embodies the now famous Lexus ‘spindle’ framework that protrudes inward to highlight the conventional blue "L" hybrid fusion badge at its middle. Accentuated by hood itemizing and jagged headlights, the framework is typical and visually gestures that the GS 450 H is not just another Japanese luxury sedan, but the one that's all set to leave a market in the luxury segment. However, the car's designing is inspired from designs visible in other prominent brands, like the LED accent lights that were originally established by Audi. Likewise, the corner windows axe in yet another elucidation of the famed Hofmeister curve developed by BMW.

Features with Hybrid leanings include a unique 3-lamp projection that makes even the turn indicator. In addition to that Lexus has introduced one of the first of its kind high and low beam LED lamps in solitary horizontal rows, and a rear bumper that covers the exhaust pipe orifices.